What are investment funds and how do they work?

An investment fund is basically a piggy bank that individual investors contribute to. In return, you receive units in the fund and a professional portfolio manager looks after your investments on your behalf.

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What does monthly saving mean and what’s in it for me?

The best time to start monthly saving is now. You already handle a lot of your regular expenses with monthly payments – why not make savings just as easily? Saving in a fund each month is a great way to build up savings and protect your finances against inflation.

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Compound interest calculator (savings calculator)

Our calculator helps you plan your savings and find out how your savings could grow during the time period you select. Calculate and see.

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What is an equity fund?

Equity funds are long-term investments that are suitable for you if you seek a high return and accept the fluctuating returns typical of the stock market. The stock market offers an opportunity for higher returns than the fixed-income market.

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What is a fixed-income fund?

Funds investing in fixed-income products, or fixed-income funds, are an alternative to direct fixed-income investments, such as bonds. Fixed-income funds are suitable for you if you want to avoid large fluctuations in the value of your investments.

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What is a balanced fund?

Balanced funds invest in both the fixed-income and equity markets. These funds are suitable for you if you are looking for a well-diversified and convenient option for long-term investment.

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How do I start saving for my child?

The period of saving for a child usually extends over a number of years. As the horizon is long, the accrued savings may be of great help as the child grows up and needs to get a driving licence, buy a home or start their studies. The best time to start saving is now.

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How does the digital savings adviser Nora work?

We wanted to make investing easier for everyone. Our digital savings adviser Nora helps you get a smooth start to fund saving. With Nora, it only takes 7 minutes to become a fund investor.

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What are index funds and how do they work?

Typically, index funds are passively managed equity funds that track a certain benchmark index. The funds’ buy and sell transactions are triggered automatically based on developments in the benchmark index, to keep the funds’ composition the same as the composition of the benchmark.

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What are ETFs and how do they work?

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, trade on stock exchanges just like shares. Read here what ETFs are all about and start investing in them today.

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What are sustainable funds?

We offer three sustainable balanced funds with different asset allocations between fixed-income instruments and equities. Save in funds which have a special focus on sustainability.

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What is inflation?

We’ve all heard of inflation but what does it actually mean and how can you beat it? On this page, you can learn the basics of inflation, what causes it and what it means for you as a consumer.

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How do unit-linked insurance policies work?

Unit-linked insurance is particularly well-suited for long-term saving and investment for yourself and for future generations. You can make a larger one-time investment or start flexible monthly saving. You can also switch between instruments under your contract without having to pay any capital gains taxes arising from the switch.

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Why should I save while paying off my loan? How can I prepare for rising interest rates by saving?

Do you have a loan but no savings? When you save monthly in an investment fund while repaying your loan, you are building a buffer against any unexpected expenses and events. With regular monthly saving, you will benefit from the effect of compound interest and get a well-diversified saving solution managed by professionals.

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What does diversification mean and why is it important?

You should spread your assets across a number of investments to manage your risks. A well-diversified portfolio of savings and investments protects you against market fluctuations. Diversification is all the more important if you manage your investments yourself.

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What should I take into account before I sell investments?

When selling investments, you should consider your reasons for selling. You might want to sell if you need your invested assets for some other use, such as buying a home. There are, however, a few things you should take into account before making the decision to sell.

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What should I do in times of uncertainty?

Market fluctuations sometimes make investors nervous. It may be difficult for a saver or investor to find out what they should do in volatile markets.

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What do all the saving and investment terms mean?

Understanding the language used around saving and investing may sometimes be difficult. But worry no more – we have put together a glossary to help guide you through the most common terms.

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Do you need help with drawing up your saving plan?

Whether you want to grow your wealth and prepare for the future, save for your dreams or start saving for your child, we are here to help you. Book a free meeting with us to get investment advice and prepare a personal plan for saving.

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How do I become your customer and start saving?

Becoming our customer and starting saving has never been quicker or easier. It only takes a few minutes online – and doesn’t require a visit to a Nordea branch.

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