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On this page, we have compiled frequently asked questions by theme. You can also ask us questions via chat or look for an answer with a search word.

Current topics

Nordea Codes requirements as of 16 February 2021

To ensure that our Nordea Codes app is safe to use, we have updated it so that as of 16 February it will only work on devices running Android 6 or later versions or iOS 10 or later versions.

For safety reasons, the code app will no longer work on devices with an older operating system.

Read more about the code app.

Changes in Suomi.fi-identification 13.1.2021

Suomi.fi-identification starts to use an identification broker service provided by the OP Bank 13.1.2021 and there after all identification will pass through that. The change does not affect the actual identification process or its security. After the change the target of the authentication for example in Nordea Codes app is shown as ’OP Identity Service Broker’ instead of ’Suomi.fi e-Identification’.

Online shopping is more secure than ever

Many online shops ask you to confirm your card payments online. This is due to the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) which is aimed at making online payments more secure. The directive will enter into force on 1 January 2021.

Read more about the secure use of your card

Customer letters

Latest news update to Nordea’s customers

During December–January, we will send our personal customers a customer letter regarding the upcoming changes to cards and PerkAccounts. 

  • The daily limit on Nordea Visa Debit cards will also include card purchases as of March. 
  • Amendment to card terms and conditions – more information to come on the exchange rate for card transactions.
  • Amendment to PerkAccount terms and conditions – the interest rate of PerkAccounts will change.

Read more about the content of the customer letter and the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers here.

Frequently asked questions

How can I add flexibility to my housing loan repayments?

Nordea’s new housing loans come with a FlexiPayment feature which allows you to take a break from the instalments or pay only part of the instalments in addition to the interest. Another option is to apply for a payment holiday. We apply normal credit-granting procedures to FlexiPayment and instalment-free periods, considering any exceptional circumstances.

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When will the instalment-free period I applied for become valid?

Your instalment-free period and FlexiPayment will become valid as of the next loan repayment. Please apply for the change well in advance of the due date on your next repayment to avoid potential delays in making the changes you have requested because of a temporary overload in our Customer Service.

If you have an existing FlexiPayment feature, please note that you must make the changes to your loan repayment before 23.00 on the day preceding the original due date. If the original due date of the repayment is on a Saturday and the debiting of the repayment is automatically postponed until Monday, you still need to make the change by 23.00 on Friday. If the original due date of the repayment is on a Sunday and it will be charged on Monday, you need to make the change by 23.00 on Saturday.

My card doesn’t work, what should I do?

There may be various reasons for why your card isn’t working. Read more on our page “When your card is not working”Opens new window where we have compiled the most typical situations in which your card might not be working and instructions on how to fix it.

How do I report a lost card and file a complaint?

If your card is lost or fallen into the wrong hands, it’s important to act fast. In mobile bank, you can instantly block the use of the card temporarily or cancel the card permanently. If your card has fallen into the wrong hands and you notice transactions in your account you don’t recognise, file a card complaint. See our instructions on what to do when your card is lost or you want to file a card complaint.Opens new window

What do I do if I have excess balance in my credit account due to a refund?

If you have excess balance in your credit card account due to a refund from a travel agent or an airline, for example, you don’t necessarily have to do anything. You can use the excess funds that exceed the credit amount granted on your credit card as usual. You don’t pay any interest on payments made from the excess balance. 

If you want to transfer the excess funds to your bank account, please contact our Customer Service and we will transfer the money on your behalf free of charge. 

Self-service transfers are subject to a fee in accordance with our tariff.

I have forgotten my PIN. Where can I find it?

You can check your PIN easily and free of charge from either mobile bank or Netbank. In mobile bank, you can check your PIN by selecting the card and tapping PIN code -> Show PIN. In Netbank, you can check your PIN under Overview or Finances -> Cards -> select card -> View PIN -> Show PIN. 

How can I add flexibility to my credit card or consumer credit repayments?

Nordea’s credit cards and FlexiCredit offer several ways to ease your financial situation. You can get instalment-free months or decrease the instalment percentage for your credit card repayments, for example. You can make these changes to your card settings in Netbank.

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How can I terminate my account?

You can terminate your account by contacting Nordea Customer Service via chat, netbank message or by calling, tel 0200 70 000 (local network charge/mobile call charge). You can log in to chat with other banks’ online banking codes, too.

Where can I find my PerkAccount statement?

The location of PerkAccount e-statements has changed as of 1 October 2020.

E-statements covering transactions registered in September 2020 or later will be available in the new Netbank under Finances > Documents.

The e-statements created between 25 February 2020 and 30 September 2020 will remain available in both the new and old Netbank under Contact > Agreements and documents. Older e-statements created before 25 February 2020 are available in the old Netbank under Everyday finances > Documents. A new e-statement will be created two banking days after the end of the previous month at the earliest.


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When you call us, it is a good idea to identify yourself with your access codes for faster service.

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Netbank and access codes allow Nordea to offer secure banking services and to protect your information according to the laws and legislation concerning information security.

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Solutions for your everyday banking

We offer you solutions that provide you with flexibility and security for your everyday banking. Learn how you can apply for a payment holiday on your housing loan and add flexibility to your monthly repayments or how an insurance policy can help secure your finances. Most of these changes can be made and applications submitted directly in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.