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As we continue to improve the Netbank services daily, we welcome your development ideas, which you can give us under Feedback in Netbank.

  • We have redesigned the look and feel of our Netbank and improved navigation. You will see all your finances at a glance on the overview page and be able to bank with less clicks.
  • Please use either the Nordea ID app, Nordea ID device or the code calculator to log in to the Netbank. Always check carefully what the Nordea ID app asks you to confirm.
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Log in with your online banking codes and the Nordea ID app or code calculator

Our Netbank is available online and you can access it at nordea.fi/netbank. We have made logging in to our Netbank even more secure than before. 

All you need is an internet connection, Nordea’s online banking codes and either the Nordea ID app on your smartphone or the small and handy Nordea ID device or code calculator. All solutions meet the latest security requirements. 

When using the Nordea ID app, you only have to remember your PIN. The app will calculate one-time codes and transmit them encrypted to the bank. The code calculator is lightweight, compact, and handy to carry, for example, in the card pocket of your wallet. Its use is also encrypted with a PIN. 

See the instructions on how to get the online banking codes and the Nordea ID app, Nordea ID devicwe or the code calculator you need to log in. 

Nordea ID app instructions

Nordea ID device and code calculator instructions

Frequently used services


You can see both your personal and your company’s accounts in Netbank. All the accounts you have access to are shown. You can change the view from your personal accounts to your corporate accounts by clicking your name in the top right corner of the page.

Account statements

You can view your account statements on the Finances tab, under Accounts & transactions. Select an account from the list. Once the Transactions & details page is shown, you will find the link to the account statement under the dropdown menu containing the account name.

You can export your account transactions to Microsoft Excel, for example. The download button (“CSV”) is located beside the Print button on the Transactions & details page of the account you selected.

You can give your account a name by selecting the Finances tab, then Accounts & transactions. Select the account you want to rename, and on the Transactions & details page, click on Show account details. This will display the details of your account, where you can give it a new name by clicking Edit next to its present name. Remember to save the changes you make.

Online meeting

You can join an online meeting on the Help tab. You can attach files to the messages you send to our advisers by clicking on Add attachment on the New message screen. You can sign agreements under Profile > Documents > Sign agreements and documents.

If you have any questions about your banking, you will get the fastest response from our advisers through the chat.

Recipient list

The recipient lists are the same in the Netbank and Nordea Mobile, and any changes made to the lists are updated in both of them.

We will automatically log you out of Netbank if you haven’t used it in 5 minutes.

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