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Benefits of Nordea Netbank for you

  • You can do all your banking in Nordea Netbank.
  • You can see both your personal and your company’s accounts in Nordea Netbank, including the ones you are authorised to use. 
  • You can change the view from your personal accounts to your corporate accounts by clicking your name in the top right corner of the page.
  • You can see all your finances at a glance on the Overview page and bank with fewer clicks.
  • You can join online meetings.
  • You can sign agreements.

How to start using Nordea Netbank

  1. All you need is an internet connection, a Nordea user ID and either the Nordea ID app for smartphones, a Nordea ID device or a code calculator. All these meet the latest security requirements. 
  2. Nordea Netbank is an online bank to which you can log in by typing https://www. nordea.fi/verkkopankki in the address bar in your browser.

When using the Nordea ID app, you only have to remember your PIN. The app will calculate one-time codes in the background and transmit them encrypted to the bank.  

The Nordea ID device and the code calculator are lightweight, compact and handy to carry in the card pocket of your wallet, for example. Their use is also encrypted with a PIN. 

See the instructions on how to get the user ID and the Nordea ID app, the Nordea ID device or the code calculator you need to log in. 

Learn more about the Nordea ID app and how to activate it

Learn more about the Nordea ID device and the code calculator and how to activate them

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