Receive SEPA Instant Credit Transfers from European banks

As a customer of Nordea, you have the advantage of being among the first ones in Finland to use this service. The service will become available to you in stages. You are now able to receive SEPA Instant Credit Transfers from European banks.

Nordea transfers the funds to your euro-denominated account immediately once the payment has arrived to Nordea as a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer. Receiving a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is free of charge for you.

There is a maximum limit of 100,000 euros per single payment which applies to all banks offering the service.

The service is in its initial phase in Europe and the number of participating banks will grow gradually. The banks can decide themselves in what schedule they will start to offer the service.

See the list of banks offering the serviceOpens new window.

Benefits to you

  • The use of a new European instant payment service
  • Reception of payments from other banks whenever, also on weekends and public holidays
  • Immediate reception of funds
  • The SEPA Instant Credit Transfer amount is transferred to your account in full.
  • Reception of SEPA Credit Transfer is free of charge
  • The banks offering the service follow the same common rules when handling SEPA Instant Credit Transfers.

Receiving SEPA Instant Credit Transfers

No action is needed from you to receive a payment. The only requirement is to have a euro-denominated account at Nordea in Finland.

In order for you to receive a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer, the payer’s bank needs to be able to send SEPA Instant Credit Transfers.

Sending SEPA Instant Credit Transfers

Sending SEPA Instant Credit Transfers will be possible for you at a later stage.