How to prepare for buying a home

Buying a home is an important decision and you should prepare for it carefully. Check out the housing market, calculate your budget and talk to your bank well in advance.

Looking to buy your first home?

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As a first-time homebuyer, you get lots of breaks and benefits. Read our tips on buying your first home.

Looking for a new home?

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If you’re switching homes, it’s important to think about the best timing for selling your old home and buying the new one. 

You’ve found a new home

Read our instructions on how to prepare a purchase offer and close the transaction with the seller.

How to make an offer to buy a home

Notepad icon - 640x360An offer to buy a home is binding, but it can also be conditional.  We compiled some instructions on what to include in a purchase offer and what conditions you can set in it.

Read more about making an offer on a home

How to close the transaction for a home

Apartment blocks - 640X360You can complete the transaction for a home either online or in-branch. Read here about the different steps for buying a home.

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Why you should take a home loan from us

A home loan from Nordea is flexible when your life takes a new direction. In addition, you’ll get help from our expert advisers and gain access to our easy-to-use digital services.

The most flexible home loan on the market

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A Nordea home loan comes with the unique FlexiPayment feature and a loan period of up to 30 years.

Read about Nordea’s home loans