HomeFlex loan in a nutshell

  • The loan period is ten years and the minimum loan amount is 20,000 euros.
  • During the loan period, you don’t have to amortise your loan – you just pay the interest every month. 
  • You can spend the money the way you like.
  • You still own your home and it stands as security for the loan,
  • but you may also use your investment flat as security.
  • You will pay off the loan in one instalment after the expiry of the loan period.

Release your home equity with HomeFlex (KotiJousto)

HomeFlex is a loan with which you can release some of your home equity if it is free or nearly free of mortgage. In everyday language, such a loan is often referred to as a reverse mortgage. You still own your home and you will only pay the monthly interest during the loan period. The maximum loan period is ten years, but you may repay the loan at any time.

A loan meeting various needs

You may use your HomeFlex loan for financing larger acquisitions, a renovation or your everyday expenses, for example. You can deduct the loan interest in your taxation if the loan is used for a major renovation of your permanent residence or for obtaining income.


An older person prefers to continue living in their detached house, but due to necessary renovations the cost of housing is very high in relation to their pension. With HomeFlex, they may cover their cost of housing and continue to live in their house. The loan will be paid off once the house is sold when, for example, the person moves to smaller housing.

The former HomeFlex loan (AsuntoJousto) no longer sold

If you have a valid HomeFlex loan of the former type, you will find its terms and conditions and tariff on this page.

Prices before 1.9.2019
Consumer Credit Information

Standard European Consumer Credit Information

To make comparing easier, the applicant has the right to receive the key information on the credit on a Standard European Consumer Credit Information form before signing the credit agreement. The information on the form may be calculated with the details given by the customer or on typical values. The form on this page is calculated with typical values, which means that a typical euro amount for this credit type is applied.

The form specifies the lender's contact information, the main features of the credit product, the costs, other important legal aspects and, if needed, the additional information required for distance selling. The information on the form may be binding or unbinding on the lender. A binding form requires a positive credit decision.