Savings and investments

Do you want to start saving and investing? Explore our savings and investment services to get started.

The most important decision is to start

The sooner you start, the faster you get to realise your dreams. Nordea offers plenty of savings and investment alternatives with various risk profiles, making it easy for you to find suitable solutions. We will help you get started.

Start saving

The earlier you start, the smaller the regular sums you have to save in order to reach your target. Over a number of years, your savings will accrue compound interest

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Investment solutions

Explore our investment solutions and find relevant news and articles.

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Online trading

Our trading services enable you to attend to all your savings and investments and to trade affordably on all the main markets.

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Start monthly saving

Monthly saving brings security to your finances, does not require big income or initial capital, and is suitable for those who want to accumulate a reserve fund.

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Saving for your child

By saving even a small sum regularly you can build a nest egg for your child’s future.

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Account saving or something else?

Do you have money in a savings account but would like to get a better return on your investment? Here are five good reasons why it pays to put your savings to work.

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Osingot ja osinkotuotto - tutustu osinkosijoittamiseen

Sustainable saving and investing

By investing sustainably you can become part of efforts to influence society and promote the common good, without compromising on returns.

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