Savings products

Discover different ways to save and invest and get started. We offer a wide range of savings products.

Start monthly saving

Monthly saving brings security to your finances, does not require big income or initial capital, and is suitable for those who want to accumulate a reserve fund.

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Saving in an account

Discover our savings account options.

Discover our savings accounts

Saving for your child

By saving even a small sum regularly you can build a nest egg for your child’s future.

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Equity savings account

Within the equity savings account you can trade in listed shares, without having to instantly pay taxes on your possible returns.

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Book-entry account

Investors need to open an electronic book-entry account for the custody of equities and other securities. Opening a book-entry account is easy, once you open online trading services you can open the book-entry account at the same time.

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Online trading

Our trading services enable you to attend to all your savings and investments and to trade affordably on all the main markets.

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Funds Now - see our whole range of funds

Funds Now is an online service that contains information on investment funds.

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Portfolio designer

Portfolio designer allows you to choose your preferred investment profile from five alternatives and creates just the right portfolio for you based on your choice.

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Nora - digital savings advice

Try our digital savings advisor Nora if you want to start saving quickly and conveniently. It will only take 5–7 minutes.

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Unit-linked insurance

Unit-linked insurance is a good option for long-term saving and investing both for yourself and for future generations. You can select different types of investments under one contract and switch them flexibly without any extra cost. We have options for both active investors and new savers.

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