MiFID documents

MiFID documents

Investment market regulation in the EU was revised at the beginning of 2018 when the MiFID II directive entered into force.

MiFID documents
Toimeksiantojen toteutusperiaatteet (in Finnish)Opens new windowExecution policyOpens new window
Eturistiriitoja koskevat periaatteet (in Finnish)Opens new windowConflict of Interest PolicyOpens new window
Asiakasluokittelu, tiedonanto- ja selonottovelvollisuus (in English)Opens new windowClient classification, disclosure requirement and obligation to obtain informationOpens new window
Kauppapaikat (in English)Opens new windowMain trading venues Opens new window
Vähittäisasiakkaiden toimeksiantojen toteutusperiaatteet - yhteenveto (in Finnish)Opens new window
Nordea Sisäisenä Toteuttajana – toimintaperiaatteet (in English)Opens new window

Commercial Policy for Nordea as a Systematic InternaliserOpens new window

The Best Execution reports are available through this link. 

The RTS 27 report describes the quality of execution with Nordea as the trading venue. It contains the number of transactions, the speed and reliability of execution and the trading costs incurred by the customers.

The RTS 28 report includes the top five trading venues and brokers and provides information on how and where customers’ orders are executed. The top five venues report describes by instrument type the venues to which orders have been forwarded and provides information on the quality of execution. The top five brokers report describes by instrument type the brokers to which orders have been forwarded when Nordea has forwarded an order for execution by a third party. In addition to these RTS 28 reports, Nordea publishes a summary of the analyses and conclusions made concerning the quality of execution (RTS28 Article 3.3 Conclusions). 

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