Omaposti in brief

In Nordea Omaposti, you can:

  • Receive encrypted messages, notices, product descriptions and agreements sent by Nordea.
  • Sign agreements and documents digitally with Nordea's personal online banking codes or with other banks’ online banking codes.
  • Send encrypted messages and documents to Nordea. See the instructions on how to send documents under “How to send messages and attachments in Omaposti”.
  • Save agreements to your computer or print them out. All digitally signed agreements and files will be conveniently archived in Omaposti, thereby removing the need for you to keep a separate archive.
  • Check all agreements you have signed.
  • Review previous messages and agreements.

Please don't send any investment orders through Omaposti unless we have instructed you to do so. 

Log in to Omaposti with your access codes

  • In order to use Omaposti, you must have Nordea’s access codes or some other Finnish bank’s valid online banking codes.
  • When you are a Nordea customer, the easiest way for you to reach Omaposti is to log in through Nordea Mobile or Netbank.
  • If you are a customer of another bank, you can log in to Omaposti at The login link to the Omaposti service is on the right side of this page under ‘Login’.
  • Those customers who do not have Nordea’s access codes can access the service through
  • When you log in to Omaposti, we will save a record in our systems that you have been authenticated. 
Documents to be signed
Electronic signature
Other documents and messages
Sending messages and attachments

Digital mailbox

Select your bank from menu and identify yourself using your online banking codes.

Log in to Omaposti Opens new window