What is the Company document service?

The Corporate Documents service is your company’s digital mailbox, which enables easy, quick and secure banking with us. The service enables you to receive, sign and send documents in an encrypted environment. You can also use the service as your archive.

Logging in
Signing documents
Sending and receiving messages
Receiving documents

Logging in

Please read the terms and conditions for the use of Company documents serviceOpens new window carefully before logging in. By logging in to the service, you accept the terms and conditions as binding on you.

The authentication process consists of two stages. 

  1. First, enter the Business ID of the company you represent. The service will then verify your right to represent the company. 
  2. After this, authenticate yourself with your personal online banking codes (select the bank on the login page). If you authenticate yourself with Nordea’s access codes, select the means of authentication (code app or code calculator) and enter your user ID in the field. 

The Corporate Documents service verifies your right to represent the company from the Finnish Patent and Registration Office’s database and lets you in automatically after a successful verification.

We recommend you to use Google Chrome browser when you use the Company documents service for the best usability. 

Signing documents

  • All agreements sent for signing are listed underneath the heading ‘Agreements to be signed’ in the upper part of the service.
  • Any terms and conditions or other appendices sent together with the agreements are also available in this section.
  • By selecting ʽSign’ you will be taken to the signature display.
  • Open the agreement document sent to read the agreement and then select ʽI have read and understood the document’.
  • After this, select ʽSign’, and you will be referred to personal identification.
  • The document is displayed signed once all the required signatures have been received.

Sending and receiving messages

  • All the messages you have received are available underneath the heading ʽOther documents and messages’ in the lower part of the service.
  • Click the heading of the message you received or click ʽAdd’ to read the message and any appendices attached to it.
  • You can reply to the message by selecting ʽReply’ on the front page or after you have opened the message.
  • You can create a new message by selecting ʽNew message’ on the front page of the service.
  • When sending the message, you can select the recipient from the menu according to the topic of the message, write your message and attach files to your message.

Receiving documents

  • All the documents you have received and need not to be signed, are available underneath the heading ʽOther documents and messages’ in the lower part of the service.
  • Click the heading of the document to open it on the front page of the service.
  • All documents are automatically filed in the service.

Log into Company documents with your personal online banking codes

Login using your personal netbank codes

Login here Opens new window