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Foreign operations

Want to boost the imports and exports of your business? We can help your company acquire more sales with less effort and with possibly lesser costs - while avoiding some of the foreign trade pitfalls. With us you'll guarantee that your cash flows don't diminish with increasing trade.


Nordea offers you a wide variety of services that will make your company's imports easier.

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In your own country you can walk on well-trodden paths, but foreign trade is like a leap in the dark. Read more about our banking services that will make your exports easier.

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Nordea Trade Portal Avautuu uuteen ikkunaan

Nordea Trade Portal online service is an invaluable source of information and a toolkit for international companies. Start using the Portal when you wish to boost your foreign trade or expand your business to new markets.

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Bank guarantees

A bank guarantee helps in managing finance-related risks. Use a bank guarantee as security for many types of transactions, such as various deliveries, works contracts, purchases of goods and property or other payment obligations.

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