Letter of credit

A letter of credit is an ideal method of payment in international trade when you want to minimise your risks.

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Import and export collection

A method of payment where the seller’s or the buyer’s bank forwards documents.

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Bank guarantees

A bank guarantee helps in managing finance-related risks. Use a bank guarantee as security for many types of transactions, such as various deliveries, works contracts, purchases of goods and property or other payment obligations.

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Trade Finance Global

Whether you are involved in importing or exporting - Trade Finance Global can handle documentary collections, documentary credits, guarantees and standby L/Cs online.

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Risk management


Automated FX trading is highly advantageous for any company involved in foreign trade.

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Interest rate hedging

Hedging against higher interest rates forms a part of a company’s risk management strategy, helping you improve the predictability of your business operations.

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Make it easier to trade abroad

Do your currency exchange at home and improve your competitive advantage.

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FX hedging

A company can lower its foreign exchange (FX) risks through various hedging solutions.

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