The new mobile bank app - Nordea Mobile

Nordea Mobile app helps you take care of your daily banking conveniently and easy. Try it out and see how handy it is to use. For the first time ever, the whole bank is in your pocket. Everything can be done either as self-service or as person assisted via voice, chat, and online meetings.

Nordea Mobile will ease your daily banking

With Nordea mobile you can get the account overview, transfer money, pay a bill, have an online meeting and a lot more.

  • Get a quick overview of your finances
  • Quick and easy payments
  • All your savings and investments in one place
  • Possibility to book a meeting, join a pre-booked meeting, or even have an instant online meeting 
  • Temporarily block your card with just one click
  • Block and re-order your card
  • Use the app to contact Nordea via chat, phone or mail
  • You can login easily and conveniently with the code app
  • If you use Mobile Bank and the code app, you will get the lowest price for daily banking services

New features

Below you can see highlights of some of the new features in Nordea Mobile

Block your card temporarily or permanently

The fastest way to block your card if you lose it is in Nordea Mobile. And if you find the card again, you can easily open it. If the card is stolen, then simply cancel the card, it will be completely blocked and a new card is re-ordered for you.

Pay a bill or make a transfer

You can easily pay a bill, by using the phone’s camera, or transfer money directly from the home screen, just use the shortcuts.

Book a meeting or have an online meeting

Book a meeting with one of our advisors directly from the app, and connect to a booked meeting with your phone. You can also chat with an agent directly from the app.


Compare the features of the new and the previous version of mobile bank

Mobile BankNordea Mobile
iPhone AndroidiPhoneAndroid
Account balances and transactionsxxxx
Card balances and transactionsxxxx
Card Settingsxxx


Close card and reorder new
Lock card temporarily
Domestic paymentsxxxx
Transfers between own accounts xxxx
Payment by status xxxx
Direct link to Siirtoxxxx
Payment creation with Code scanner and virtual bar codexxxx
Beneficiary listxxxx
Loan overviewxxxx
Secure mail (send/receive)xxxx
Easy overview of whole economy with new homescreen
Fingerprint login with Code appxxxx
Shake to log outxxxx
Login “Remember me”xxxx
Accessibility support
Investment overviewxxxx
Instrument details on investmentsxxxx
Investment orders and transactionsxx
Single sign-on to Nordea Investor(x)(x)xx
Become a customerxx
Give feedback directly in the app(x)(x)xx
Apply for FlexiCredit 
Personalised messagesxxxx
Step-up chat to video call 
Video call (instant meeting) 
Book an online meeting
Join booked online meeting 
Prioritised phonecallxxxx
Use landscape view in your meeting


(x) = Partially supported, will be fully supported soon.
Service requirements
Prices and terms