Nordea Mobile

Easy app. Easy banking. Banking should be easy. Mobile banking even more so. Nordea Mobile is created together with our customers and visually re-designed to take your mobile banking experience to new heights.

Nordea Mobile will ease your daily banking

With Nordea mobile you can get the account overview, transfer money, pay a bill, have an online meeting and a lot more.

  • Secure – Log in with facial recognition or your fingerprint.
  • Personal – Edit the front page of mobile bank to meet your needs.
  • Block your card with just one click – or use the card setting to change the limits of your card.
  • Quick and easy payments.
  • All your savings and investments in one place.
  • Possibility to book a meeting, join a pre-booked meeting, or even have an instant online meeting. 
  • If you use Mobile Bank and the code app, you will get the lowest price for daily banking services.

The useful features of Nordea Mobile are presented below

Block your card temporarily or permanently

The fastest way to block your card if you lose it is in Nordea Mobile. And if you find the card again, you can easily open it. If the card is stolen, then simply cancel the card, it will be completely blocked and a new card is re-ordered for you.

Pay a bill or make a transfer

You can easily pay a bill, by using the phone’s camera, or transfer money directly from the home screen, just use the shortcuts.

Book a meeting or have an online meeting

Book a meeting with one of our advisors directly from the app, and connect to a booked meeting with your phone. You can also chat with an agent directly from the app.

Service requirements

Service requirements

Technical service requirements:

If you are an Android user, you can download Nordea Mobile in Google play. The Android app is optimised to function with version 5.0 or later versions of the Android operating system.

If you are an iOS user, Nordea Mobile will be available in App Store. The app is optimised to function with version 10 or later versions of the iOS operating system.

Other service requirements:
  • Netbank agreement  
  • An agreement on services used with access codes (you must be at least 15 years old) 
  • You can obtain the access codes by completing the Become a customer online form
Prices and terms