Kvinne hjemme med laptop i sofa

Don’t queue in vain – you can tend to many of your banking matters yourself

You can easily tend to many of your banking matters in mobile bank and Netbank, for example, whenever it suits you best. This page contains a list of our frequently used services that you can use digitally.

Do your banking from the comfort of your home sofa

In addition to our online and mobile services, our chat robot Nova provides you with multiple advice. Just click the Chat icon to start a conversation with Nova. If Nova cannot help you, it will refer you to a banking adviser.

Daily banking services

Daily banking services

In Mobile bankIn Netbank
Order a new cardx
Close a card temporarily or permanentlyx
Change the security limit on your cardxx
Change the Internet usage of your cardxx
Change the geographical restriction on your cardxx
Check the PIN of your cardxx
Replace your card and change your PINx
Add a picture to your cardx
Change the due date and repayment percentage of your credit cardx
Credit card transactions and balancexx
Add a card as a mobile payment cardx
Repay part of your outstanding credit or pay out your outstanding debtx
Own transfer from credit to a bank accountxx
In Mobile bankIn Netbank
Open an accountx
Account balance and transactionsxx
Change the name of your accountx
Account statements can be viewed and printedx
Account statements can be viewed and printedxx
In Mobile bank
In Netbank
Pay billsxx
Pay bills with the bar codexx
Recurring paymentsxx
Change recurring paymentsxx
E-invoice orderx
Change e-invoicesx
Confirm e-invoicesxx
Additional payment confirmationxx


Loans and credit

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