Repayment schedule of student loan

Opintolaina on valtion takaama laina, joka pitää maksaa takaisin opintojen päätyttyä. Kun pankki saa Kelalta tiedon opintojesi päättymisestä tai keskeytymisestä, on aika laatia opintolainan takaisinmaksua koskeva suunnitelma. Takaisinmaksusuunnitelma räätälöidään aina kulloisenkin elämäntilanteesi ja maksukykysi mukaan.

Student loans are state-guaranteed and must be repaid when the studies are completed. When Kela notifies the bank that your studies have been completed or suspended, it is time to draw up a repayment schedule. Your repayment schedule will always be tailored to your situation in life and your repayment capacity.

During studies

You only pay interest on your student loan while you are studying. The interest falls due twice a year: 15 June and 15 December. Interest will be added to the student loan capital on the aforementioned dates.

The interest on a student loan is capitalised during the academic years you receive student financial aid and once more after the last such academic year. When the interest is no longer capitalised, you pay the entire interest on the agreed interest payment date.  

After studies

The repayment of student loans usually begins 1.5–2 years after the payment of student financial aid ends. The repayment period is usually twice the time of studies and you can agree with us on a flexible schedule according to your life situation.

As a student in higher education, you can be granted student loan compensation paid by Kela for the qualifying debt exceeding 2,500 euros if you have started your first higher education studies on 1 August 2014 or thereafter and you have completed your degree within the set time. Kela will usually pay the student loan compensation directly to your bank as an extra repayment on your student loan after you have graduated. You can find more information on Kela’s website.Opens new window

If you started your first studies in a higher education institution before 1 August 2014, you are eligible to receive a tax deduction on your student loan. You can find more information on Kela’s website.Opens new window

We will draw up a repayment schedule in accordance with the terms and conditions of the student loan. The repayments will fall due every month. The state guarantee is valid for 30 years from the first drawdown. 

You can later adjust the agreed repayment schedule flexibly when your life situation changes.

Contact us

After completing your studies, agree on a repayment schedule at the nearest Nordea branch or by calling Nordea Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000 Mon - Fri 10.00 - 16.30 (local network charge/mobile call charge).

When you call Customer Service, key in your access codes to speed up the service and give us a chance to offer you comprehensive banking services.

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