Paying for online purchases is as easy as paying bills in Netbank. You only need your Netbank access codes for using the e-payment service.

Now Siirto payment method included in Nordea’s e-payment

The Siirto payment method has been added to Nordea’s e-payment service in every online store. Siirto will be shown as one of the payment options included in Nordea’s e-payment service.

This makes it easy for consumers to pay for their purchases in an online store using an app that supports Siirto payments. While Siirto is connected to Nordea’s e-payment service, it is also available to the customers of other banks.

Benefits of Siirto payments for consumers

  • Easy to use – just give your phone number and you will receive a payment request on your phone
  • Available 24/7
  • Safe – the identity of every user has been authenticated
  • Fast – the beneficiary receives the money immediately regardless of the bank

New payment button for online stores

We recommend that all merchants replace the old Nordea Button with the new Nordea-Siirto Button. With the new button you will recognize that you can pay your purchases using an app that supports Siirto payments. Merchants will start using the new payment button in their own time.

E-payment is an electronic method of payment

After you have completed your shopping basket, use your access codes to move to the e-payment display. After having checked the information, you accept and confirm the payment and return to the merchant’s website. The payment is debited to your account and the merchant is informed of it immediately.

Your benefits:

  • On the Internet you can shop 24 hours a day, whenever is the best time for you.
  • E-payment makes online shopping less of a hassle as you can shop and pay in one go.
  • There is an extensive selection of products and services available.
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