FlexiCredit – credit without security

Dreaming of a holiday trip, new furniture or about renovating your holiday home? Apply for FlexiCredit and realise your future dreams already today.

FlexiCredit without security

FlexiCredit is a handy solution when you want to realise your plans and need consumer credit quickly. The credit amount can be from 2,000 euros up to 50,000 euros. FlexiCredit is an unsecured loan, which can be raised later, if needed.

  • You can apply for a loan online with Nordea's access codes, code calculator or with other banks' online banking codes.
  • The money will be paid to your account after you have been granted the loan (Mon-Sun 7-22.30).
  • A credit can be granted to one or two applicants having reached the age of 18.
  • The repayment schedule is flexible and the loan period can be adjusted to your payment capacity.
  • The minimum loan period for FlexiCredit is 1 year and the maximum 5.5 years. You can, however, pay extra instalments or repay the entire credit any time.
  • You will repay the credit monthly in equal payments.
  • There is an option for two instalment-free months a year.
  • The annual percentage rate of charge depends on the loan amount, the repayment method and the loan period. The annual percentage rate of charge on FlexiCredit may be 2,9 % at minimum and 15.8% at maximum.

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Reference rate and prices

Most common prices for consumer credits from 1.9.2019.

Benchmark interest rate 3-month Euribor (quoted on the first banking day of the month in which the credit application is signed)

Margin of the credit 2,9 – 8,9% is defined by the customer segment.  

Opening fee0,00 €
Raising fee0,00 €
Account management fee0,01% per day calculated from granted credit, max. 12,50 € per month
Costs for written statements17 €/every beginning hour
Copies of receipts and invoices per copy10,00 €
One-time change of due date after billing5,00 €
Permanent change of due date5,00 €
Balance or interest statement on request10,00 €
Payment reminder5,00 €
Prices before 1.9.2019
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Consumer credit

Example calculation

Calculation for consumer credits issued after 1.9.2019.

Nordea's FlexiCredit is a one-off loan and its interest is the 3-month Euribor quoted on the first banking day of the month in which the credit application is signed + a margin of 8.9%. With a nominal interest of 8.5% and a 74-month loan period, the annual percentage rate of charge on a FlexiCredit of 5,000 euros is 14.2% (December 2019).

The total sum of the credit and credit costs is 7,366,66 euros and the number of loan payments is 74. The opening fee for the loan is 0 euros. The calculation includes a monthly account management fee of 12.50 euros in the case of automatic debiting. 

FlexiCredit is provided under the normal credit terms and conditions by Nordea Finance Finland Ltd, Aleksis Kiven katu 9, Helsinki, FI-00020 NORDEA.

Secured consumer credit

Consumer credit with security could be the right solution for you if you have available security, such as a home of your own, or the loan amount exceeds 50,000 euros. This is an affordable option for larger loan needs and for the acquisition of consumables.

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