Enjoy your benefits as our home loan customer

Your home loan comes with many useful benefits, including our FlexiPayment feature, a flexible loan period and our wide range of self-service tools that you can use to manage your loan. 

What’s more, you get discounts on our other products and services, such as:

  • savings and investment services
  • insurance policies
  • banking services
  • FlexiCredit.
Discount for Nordea's customers

Nordea customers enjoy a 25% discount on new home insurance policies!

  • You get a 25% discount on your first insurance period if you take out a new home insurance policy.
  • To take advantage of this discount, send us your contact information 

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Flexibility, security and affordable services

We always offer you services that best meet your needs based on your individual circumstances. When you have a home loan with us, you’ll also enjoy our exclusive benefits that can help you achieve financial security through saving, for instance. 

Insurance policies
Savings and investments
Banking services
Discounted prices

Free FlexiPayment

We are the only bank in Finland that offers you a FlexiPayment feature free of charge. This is included in your home loan automatically.  

FlexiPayment allows you to increase or decrease your monthly payment when you need to. You can do this easily in Nordea Mobile or Netbank. It gives you flexibility with your monthly payments the same way a payment holiday would but it doesn’t cost you anything and you don’t need to contact us to change your monthly payment.

The FlexiPayment allowance is 5–10% of your loan amount. If you use it on a monthly basis, it will last you for about 1–2 years on average.

Read more about the unique FlexiPayment feature we offer

Protect what matters most to you

If you have a home loan from us, we offer you a 15% discount on new MyLife insurance policies and a 25% higher compensation amount with your life insurance policy. 

Our MyLife policies are designed to help you protect yourself and your loved ones. You can take out a cover against serious illness or death, for example, or choose a more comprehensive policy to suit your particular needs.

Anything can happen during your loan period but MyLife personal insurance ensures you can repay your loan even if your life takes an unexpected turn.

Free investment advice and other savings-related benefits

When you negotiate about a home loan with us, we make sure that it fits your budget so that you’ll also be able to save money while repaying your loan. As our home loan customer:

  • you have our affordable saving solutions and trading services at your fingertips. You can, for example, buy and sell fund units in Nordea Mobile and Netbank and Nordea Investor at no cost to you.
  • you can book a free meeting for investment advice with us easily in Nordea Mobile or Netbank. Book a free investment advice meetingOpens new window.
  • you are charged no custody fee on your book-entry account if you make at least one trade per quarter. 

Free account and card for Nordea Mobile users

When you have a home loan from us and are using our mobile banking app, you get 1–2 cards (Nordea Gold, Credit or Debit), an account, our online banking service and Nordea access codes free of charge. See all the daily banking services our home loan customers get for free

Our Nordea Mobile app is a convenient way to manage your money and keep track of your finances. Contact us through the chat in the app to get advice and handle your banking with ease. Read more about Nordea Mobile.

When you want to use your phone to pay for your purchases securely and conveniently, add your card to the free Apple PayGoogle Pay or Samsung Pay app. 

FlexiCredit for an affordable price

For our home loan customers, we offer FlexiCredit with a discounted margin of 5.9% (regular margin 8.9%).

FlexiCredit is an unsecured consumer loan that allows you to borrow up to 50,000 euros and pay it back over a period of up to eight years.

Read more about FlexiCredit

Discounted prices for our home loan customers

Daily banking servicesPrice for home loan customersNormal price
Mobile Plus package (if you have Nordea Mobile, an account and a card)0,00 €4,65 €
Basic package (if you have Nordea Netbank, an account and a card)4,65 €7,90 €
FlexiCredit interest rate margin5.9%8.9%
Other benefits
Fund subscriptions through Nordea Netbank and Nordea Mobile
0.00 €
The management fee for your book-entry account if you make at least one transaction subject to a fee during the previous quarter.0.00 €