FlexiPayment brings flexibility to your home loan repayments

Benefits of FlexiPayment: 

  • You can reduce or increase the next monthly payment of your home loan yourself without asking us first.
  • You can easily change the monthly payment in Nordea Mobile or Netbank every month when the instalment appears in your upcoming payments.
  • FlexiPayment is suitable for both long-term and temporary changes of monthly payments, for example for the duration of your parental leave or summer holiday. 
  • You can add FlexiPayment to a new loan as well as to an existing one and use it whenever you like. 
  • FlexiPayment provides flexibility in both directions: if you pay a higher-than-normal instalment, it will increase your FlexiPayment capacity for your future needs.
What is FlexiPayment
Here’s how to check whether your loan already has the FlexiPayment feature
How to use FlexiPayment in Nordea Mobile
How to use FlexiPayment in Netbank

Watch a video to see how FlexiPayment works

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FlexiPayment and instalment-free periods

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Looking to add flexibility to your housing loan repayments?

Most housing loans offered by Nordea include FlexiPayment. This feature enables you to edit your monthly repayments or take an instant payment holiday in Nordea Mobile or Netbank.

Take advantage of FlexiPayment