Benefits of FlexiPayment

  • You can decrease or increase your next monthly payment by yourself in Nordea Mobile and Netbank.
  • If you want, you can adjust your payment every month when it appears in your upcoming payments.
  • For example, FlexiPayment may come in handy during a parental leave or summer holiday. 
  • You can also use FlexiPayment to increase your monthly payment and repay your loan quicker that way.

FlexiPayment is available for these loans

Our free FlexiPayment feature is available for:

If your loan doesn’t include FlexiPayment yet, apply for a change to your loan to add FlexiPayment. 

Here’s how to check whether your loan already has the FlexiPayment feature
How to use FlexiPayment in Nordea Mobile
How to use FlexiPayment in Netbank

Frequently asked questions about FlexiPayment

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