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Loans and consumer credit

Unsecured loans provide a quick and easy means of financing unexpected expenses. Apply for a loan or credit online You will obtain the credit decision swiftly.

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Please read the loan examples below. You can also try out our loan calculator to determine the right loan amount and monthly repayment amount for you. Also read about Nordea Gold card The card includes Mastercard Purchase Protection and comprehensive travel insurance if you pay with the credit facility of your card.

I need a loan of 2,000 to 50,000 euros without security

The loan period of FlexiCredit is flexible and the repayments are always made in equal amounts. You can apply for FlexiCredit alone or together with another person as long as both applicants are of age. You can have two instalment-free months per year or you can repay your loan faster than agreed on if you so prefer.

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I need a loan of 2,000–10,000 euros without security

The credit facility included in a Nordea Gold card suffices for even bigger acquisitions. You should pay for your travels with your Nordea Gold credit card, as it includes comprehensive purchase protection and travel insurance. You will receive an interest-free payment period of 30 days on average for all your purchases.

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I need a secured loan for a home or holiday home Opens new window

With Nordea's housing loan you can buy a home, build a house or purchase a flat as an investment or a holiday home. You get FlexiPayment free of charge, a long loan period and free daily banking services. Your loan period may be up to 35 years.

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Car loan

You can use Nordea’s FlexiCredit to finance your car purchase if you buy a used car from a private person. You are eligible for a loan of up to 50,000 euros. You will not need any guarantors and we will send you our credit decision swiftly. You can also apply for FlexiCredit with the online banking codes of other banks.

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Travel loan

Card or consumer credit? Nordea provides you with finance for your travels according to your needs. It is worthwhile to pay your travel bookings and flights, for example, with your Nordea Gold. The card includes MasterCard Purchase Protection and comprehensive travel insurance if you pay with the credit facility of the card. Read more about your options

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Boat loan – apply for a loan for your new boat

Head for FlexiCredit if you are buying a new boat or trading it for a better one.

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Renovation loan

Planning a terrace at your backyard or basic renovation for your home? Nordea can offer you finance that suits your particular needs. You can use your Nordea Gold card to finance a facelift to your home, whereas FlexiCredit is intended for financing bigger renovations. In the case of basic renovation, we recommend that you apply for a housing loan from us and select “renovation” as the purpose of the loan. Read more about your options

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Home decoration loan

Planning a facelift to your home? Whatever you need to buy, Nordea provides you with various financing alternatives from card credit to consumer credit. For instance, Product Safety Insurance included in a Nordea Gold card provides additional cover for any purchases you make for your home or holiday home if you pay for them using the credit facility of your Nordea card.

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Holiday home loan

Considering to buy a holiday home or summer cottage? We will tailor a holiday home loan to your personal needs, which will enable you to fulfil your dream of a summer cottage. You can easily apply for a loan online.

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