Apply for a bank loan from us for buying a home or other large items

In addition to a home loan, you can apply for an unsecured loan of up to 50,000 euros or a secured loan for an even larger amount.

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  • Use our FlexiCredit calculator to find out the amount of consumer credit that suits your needs

Calculate the suitable amount of loan or credit

Use the calculator below to find out the loan amount and loan costs that best suit your finances with a few clicks!

Loans for various needs

Thinking of buying a new home or a car, or getting a loan to fund your student life? Nordea has a loan to suit all needs.

Car loan

You can use Nordea’s car loan to finance your car purchase if you buy a used car from a private person. You can borrow up to 50,000 euros without security. Read also about hire purchase and Autoleasing.

Read more about our car loan

Student loan

A student loan will help you fund your student life and allow you to focus on your studies.

Read more about our student loan

Renovation loan

Planning a renovation of your sauna or basic renovation for your home? With our renovation loan, you can carry out even bigger renovations, as you can borrow up to 50,000 euros without security.

Read more about our renovation loan

Holiday home loan

You can apply for Nordea's agile holiday home loan using the home loan application form if you select holiday home as the purpose of the loan.

Read more about Holiday home loan

Boat loan

Choose our boat loan if you want to buy a new boat and need a loan to finance the purchase.

Read more about our boat loan

Motorcycle loan

With our motorcycle loan you can finance the purchase of a new motorcycle!

Read more and apply for a motorcycle loan

Why do you need a loan?

Home loan

A home loan is granted for the purpose of purchasing a home. You can apply for a home loan to purchase a home, a holiday home or an investment property. A home loan can also be used for building a home. The maximum credit period in a home loan is 30 years. Read more about Nordea’s home loan and apply for a loan promise free of charge.

Unsecured credit

Our unsecured consumer loan FlexiCredit is a good option for purchases of 2,000–50,000 euros. You can apply for FlexiCredit for example if you need a loan to buy household appliances, a motorcycle or a used car. FlexiCredit can also be a suitable loan for smaller home improvements.

You can combine your loans and credits with other financial institutions into a single loan with Nordea, namelya consolidation loan.

The repayment period in FlexiCredit is 1–8 years. Read more about FlexiCredit and apply easily online!

Secured bank loan

A secured bank loan is a good alternative if you have collateral available and need to borrow more than 15,000 euros. A home or a holiday home are often used as collateral for a loan. The repayment period for a secured bank loan can be up to 20 years. Read more here!

Credit card

Nordea’s credit cards allow you to pay easily in Finland and abroad. Many credit cards include useful insurances. For example, Nordea Gold provides you with travel insurance for trips abroad and Product Safety Insurance, which protects items you buy for your home, as long as you pay for your purchases with the card’s credit facility. Read more about Nordea’s credit card selection and apply for a card with a credit limit that suits you best.

Do you need a loan to fund your studies?

As a student you can apply for a student loan to cover for your expenses. Read more about student loans and apply easily online.

Read more about consumer credit

Here you can find more information about consumer credit for various needs and credit terms and conditions.

Information on loans and consumer credit

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