Use our loan calculators to help you

Our calculators make it easier for you to apply for a loan, as you can get an idea of how the loan amount and interest would affect your finances.

Our calculator for a home loan

Our home loan calculator gives you an estimated breakdown of your total and monthly home loan costs. You can change the loan amount and see how different loan periods affect your monthly repayment.

Use our calculator to calculate what a home loan costs and apply for a home loan online.

Our calculator helps you determine the right price range for your home

Are you thinking about buying a new home or holiday home, but don’t know what fits your price range? Our calculator gives you a price range estimate based on your income and savings, for example.

Calculate the price range that fits your budget and apply for a home loan online.

Calculate the right loan amount for you with our consumer credit calculator.

Our FlexiCredit calculator helps you find just the right FlexiCredit amount for your needs. Our calculator lets you choose the FlexiCredit amount and monthly payment that will suit you best.

Use our calculator to find out the most suitable credit amount for your finances and apply for FlexiCredit online.

Our four calculators are here to help you

We have made it easier for you to apply for a loan, as you can calculate how the loan affects your finances.

  1. With the home loan calculator, you can easily find out, for example, what the home loan costs and how the loan period affects the monthly repayment. The calculator also takes the interest rate into account, so you can see how it affects your loan. Try our home loan calculator.
  2. With the calculator, you can calculate the price range for a home that fits your budget. You can find the price range calculator here.
  3. Our FlexiCredit calculator helps you find the amount of consumer credit that suits your needs. You can find the consumer credit calculator here.
  4. Could you save money by transfering your credit and instalment debt to Nordea? Try our debt consolidation calculator.

The calculators are easy and quick to use, and you can choose to move directly from the calculator to the loan application.