Home loan calculators

How much does a home loan cost monthly?

Our home loan calculator helps you find out your monthly home loan costs and how the loan period and changes in interest rates affect your monthly payment.

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Calculate the price range for a home that fits your budget

You’ll get a price range estimate for your new home based on your income as well as your available savings and collateral.

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Consumer credit calculators

Calculate the right amount of consumer credit for you

Our FlexiCredit calculator is a convenient tool for planning the amount, the monthly payment and the repayment schedule of your consumer credit.

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Debt consolidation loan calculator

This calculator will tell you if you can save money by transferring your debts to Nordea.

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Why do you need a loan?

Housing loan

Nordea will give you an affordable housing loan that suits your needs. Get a loan promise beforehand, so you can make a bid right away when you find the home of your choice.

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Secured consumer credit

A secured consumer credit is a flexible and inexpensive solution when you are planning to buy a car, a boat or a caravan or to make some other larger one-off purchase.

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Unsecured FlexiCredit

FlexiCredit is an unsecured loan for different needs. Before sending us the credit application, we will show you the itemised costs based on the details you have filled in.

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