Disposal account

An account for daily banking. Choose Disposal Account for your salary, pension, child allowance or other recurring payments and complement it with suitable services from our extensive service range.

Your benefits

  • You can link environmentally friendly electronic services to your account, such as 

        – account statement in Netbank
         – e-invoice
         – ePiggy

  • The account is covered by the deposit guarantee.

Interest calculation method

The interest rate is calculated on the lowest book balance of the month according to actual calendar days using 365/366 as the divisor. 

Payment of interest

The deposit interest is paid to the account annually during the month following the month in which the account was opened.

Using the account

Using your account is easy: log into Netbank, call our Customer Service and identify yourself with your access codes or visit one of our branches.


In Finland, the deposit interest paid on accounts is subject to tax-at-source.

Open an account for a school class

We have simplified the process of opening an account for a school class. We want that the opening of an account for a school class is easy, affordable and secure.

If a school class decides to register its own official association, the class will become an independent legal person. The association shall have rules and a board. If the class has formed a registered association, Nordea Business Centre, tel 0200 26262, 9.00–16.30 Mon-Fri, is happy to help in the opening of an account.

Usually, a school class is not registered as an association, but the class appoints a trusted person to manage its assets. A new account is opened for the assets under the trusted person's banking relationship. The appointed person can open the account in his or her own Netbank or in our Customer Service. Before the account is used, the appointed person must call our Customer Service, tel 0200 70 000, Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00, and inform the bank of the purpose of the account and the incoming cash flows. 

An account may have several holders, but all of them must be Nordea's customers.If the account holders are not Nordea's customer or do not have Nordea’s Netbank access codes, the most convenient way to become our customer is to do it online at www.nordea.fi/Start banking with us. In addition, an account may have authorised users.

For easy and quick use of the account assets, it is important that the account can be used with access codes, in other words, most conveniently with the code app and the Mobile Bank. In this case, managing the school class’s account is as easy as managing your own bank accounts. Ordering a card for the new account is also easy. The card can be used to pay for small purchases and to withdraw or deposit cash. 

More information

Do you want to open an account for an unregistered association? (pdf, 453 KB)Opens new window

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