Interest rate on our current account

  • The interest rate on our current account is 0,25 %
  • The interest rate is calculated on the lowest balance of each month according to actual calendar days using 365/366 as the divisor. 
  • Any interest earned on the account will be paid to you once a year.
  • Interest paid on the account is subject to tax-at-source in Finland.

Why choose our current account?

Our current account is designed for your day-to-day money management. You can use it to receive your salary, pension or other regular payments. 

You can access the money in your account freely and use the account as a custody account for all our other services. 

Payment services you can link to your account include:

  • Nordea Netbank
  • Cards
  • E-invoicing
  • Mobile services
The account is covered by the Finnish deposit guarantee scheme.



Open an account for a school class

Usually, a trusted person is appointed to manage the assets of a school class. When opening an account for a school class a new account is opened under the trusted person's banking relationship. The appointed person can open the account in his or her own Netbank, by calling our customer service 0200 70 000 (Mon–Fri 8.00–18.00) or by visiting one of our branch offices. At least one other person is chosen to have a right to use the account, this is required to ease the use of the school class’s assets. 

The account might also have several accountholders. All the accountholders must be customers of Nordea. In case the future accountholders are not yet customers of Nordea or if they do not have Netbank access codes, they can become customers of Nordea for example online at  

The easiest way of using the account is by linking it to your Netbank. You can also link a card to the account. 

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Frequently asked about Current account

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Access codes

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Credit transfer

Credit transfer is an easy way to make euro payments in Finland and to European banks. They can be made in many different ways: in Netbank, at a payment ATM, or as branch service.

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Know your customer – why does the bank ask?

Banks have a statutory obligation to identify and know their customers. In addition to the personal details, the bank must have sufficient information on the customer's business, financial position and origin of funds.

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