Other branch services - Prices

Normal prices of branch services 
Entry investigation requestPrice
Customer’s request to acquire a cashed cheque or other receipt or information concerning these from another Nordea branch or another bank5,00 €
The fee is credited to the requesting branch. If, however, the investigation was needed because of the bank's error, the fee is not charged. 
Gift vouchers and bank draftsPrice 
Bank draft issued by Nordea Bank Abp5,00 €
Cancelling of a bank draft or gift voucher issued by Nordea Bank Abp or Nordea Bank Finland Plc250.00 € (incl VAT 46.75)
Annulment of deposit certificate and bankbook of savings accountPrice 

Annulment of deposit certificate and bankbook of savings account 

Annulment of the following deposit certificates and bankbooks of savings account, per item

60,00 € + (incl VAT 24%) 

5,00 € + (incl VAT 24%) 

Division of deposit 
Division of deposit at maturity by power of attorney0,00 € 
Division of deposit before maturity, per each new account8,40 € 
Hourly rate 
If the service price is not specified in the tariff, and unless it has been agreed otherwise, the pricing criterion is the time spent on the service provided.80,65 € + VAT 24%