Private Banking

Welcome to Nordea Private Banking

We are offering a holistic banking relationship to wealthy individuals with families, companies and foundations.

Welcome to Nordea Private Banking

A holistic banking relationship

For wealthy individuals, families, business owners and foundations

We want to help you to reach the full potential of your wealth. With our comprehensive view and vast selection of services covering all aspects of your life you will benefit from a personalised approach, tailored to your exact needs. Together we will go through your current financial situation and find the best solutions to retain and develop your, your family's and your possible company's future wealth. 

As a client in Nordea Private Banking, you get a dedicated adviser who is your personal guide to our extensive offering. 

Legal services

Management of wealth is also about to hit the correct legal options. As a Nordea Private Banking client you will get access to highly educated and skilled law specialists who will help you increase your insight in legal matters.