You and society

How can you invest and at the same time contribute to a greater good? Is it possible to invest in a sustainable way and still have a good return on your assets? We think it is. Let us have a closer look at sustainability and philanthropy.

Invest in the future

Perhaps you think about doing good for the society, for healthcare, poverty or something else close to your heart. You may also worry about what’s going on in the environment, with pollution, climate changes and melting glaciers. Or maybe you would like to contribute to better working conditions, equality and fairness in companies worldwide.   

By investing in a sustainable way, your money can help make a difference. As one of the largest banks in Europe, we have substantial knowledge in sustainability and offer sustainable investment solutions.
If you also would like to give back to the society and contribute to a good cause, we are here to talk about philanthropy with you. There are many ways to care for future generations and the world we leave behind.