Investment advice and solutions

Whether you want your Private Banking adviser and our experts to be the main drivers of your investment portfolio or are looking to take an active role, we are here for you to offer you investment advice and solutions responding to your specific needs and preferences.

You and your investments

Before we start to talk about your investment, we want to talk about you

All our advice starts with you and your needs. In order to give you relevant advice and recommendations, we want to get to know you and what is important for you. 

We will discuss matters like your financial situation, how you see your wealth, your attitude towards risk and return and how interested you are in financial markets and making investment decisions. This is at the core of the investment strategy and financial plan that we build together with you. 

The plan for managing your investments serves as the basis for all the advice we give. We will continuously follow up, review and rebalance your portfolio accordingly.

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