It is all about the mix of assets

Our investment advice is based on a solid theoretical foundation combined with many years of experience. As a major bank, we have access to a large network of experts for our research on future developments. 

Your view of risk and return then determines our recommendation for your portfolio’s mix of bonds, equities, alternative investments, cash and other types of assets. 

The mix of assets in your portfolio is determined in your dialogue with your adviser. Different assets have different levels of return and risk and will behave differently under various market conditions. A mix of asset classes in your investment portfolio helps to reduce the risk of the portfolio and provide more stable returns. This is also known as strategic allocation. The goal is to achieve the highest return at the lowest risk. It is, however, always necessary to assume some level of risk to achieve a return while obviously avoiding unnecessary risks. 

The foundation: your financial plan 

Based on the investment strategy you have decided on after consultation with your adviser, we put together your financial plan. Everything starts with this plan. The financial plan is the foundation of our advice and the starting point when we discuss new investment opportunities with you or recommend changes to your portfolio. Should you decide to change your investment profile, your plan is updated to reflect your new strategy and risk tolerance. 

Active approach: investment opportunities based on our market view

If you would like a more active approach to your investments, we can offer short-term tactical recommendations to supplement the strategic allocation. The aim is to further increase your return. 

Our tactical recommendations are based on our current view of market conditions globally as well as on the analyses and recommendations of Nordea’s experts within the fields of macroeconomics, equities, currencies and interest rates. 

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