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Getting divorced

Getting divorced is an emotional burden, but it can also be financially difficult. You may need advice to decide how to protect your wealth. For example, a prenuptial agreement can be useful and it can be signed before or during the marriage.

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Loss of income

Even if your financial situation is in order right now, everything can change rapidly. Your income may drop substantially, you may lose your job or other unpleasant incidents might occur. We can help you prepare. 

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If your health is failing

You might feel worried about no longer being able to take care of your finances if something should happen to you. But with good planning that takes all eventualities into account, you can feel secure. With a power of attorney, you may authorise someone you trust to take care of your wealth and act on your behalf if you should fall ill or become mentally incapacitated. We’re here to advise you on how to do this – and in good time.

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When you are no longer here

Who will inherit you? This depends on your family situation and your wishes. A will can ensure that your wealth is distributed in the way you want and based on family law requirements. Our family law specialists guide you to ensure that your wishes are accommodated and to avoid unpleasant surprises among your relatives and heirs. 

We can help you in these changing situations

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