Frequently asked questions


Forgotten PIN code, lost card, credit card invoices and other topics related to cards.

Frequently asked questions about debit and credit cards

Accounts and payments

Opening an account, account statement, e-invoice and other topics related to accounts and payments.

Frequently asked questions about accounts and payments

Loans and consumer credit

Applying for and making changes to a loan, instalment-free period and other topics related to loans and consumer credit.

Frequently asked questions about loans and consumer credit

Savings and investments

Starting saving, investment advice and other topics related to savings and investments.

Frequently asked questions about savings and investments

Nordea ID

Activating and using the Nordea ID app, disturbances and other topics related to Nordea ID.

Frequently asked questions about the Nordea ID app

Netbank and Mobile Bank

Features of the apps, using the apps, disturbances and other topics related to Netbank and Mobile Bank.

Frequently asked questions about online and mobile services

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