Premium Banking

You and your family will have a personal Premium Wealth Adviser and a team of top experts at your service. As a Premium Customer, you will also get unique and useful benefits based on your needs and depending on your life situation.

Wealth management with care

Nordea Premium Banking is the wealth management service for you and your family if your wealth in savings and investments exceed 80,000 euros.

The more your wealth increases, the better it should be managed. Your Premium Customer relationship centres on a wealth management plan which is created based on your life situation and needs. We want to make sure you get the most out of your wealth.

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Our Premium customer

If you are already our Premium Customer, you can contact the Customer Service.

Call us at 0200 70000


Our highly tailored wealth management advice helps you plan for your financial needs. Together we will find the right solutions specifically for you and your family.

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Build a more sustainable future with our responsible investment and finance products. For us, responsible investment means supporting responsible business practices regardless of the expected return.

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Inexpensive trading in more than 20 market places. No fees for trading in fund units in Mobile bank and Netbank. Our Mobile Plus package and the related daily banking services are also free of charge to Premium Customers.

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Take care of your daily banking in no time by calling Nordea Customer Service through your mobile bank app or by calling on the phone and identifying yourself.

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Personalised service

Personalised service

  1. Your dedicated Premium Wealth Advisor works with you and your family. As your partner in wealth management, the Premium Wealth Advisor will take care of your investment portfolio and make sure it helps you achieve your goals as your life changes.
  2. If necessary, your Premium Banker will refer you to a legal counsel specialising in wealth management to get support in legal matters. You will receive detailed recommendations based on your personal situation on how to transfer wealth within your family, for instance. Legal counselling services are subject to a fee. This service is available only in Finnish and Swedish.
  3. Our finance specialists dedicated to helping our Premium Customers will make sure any loan-related matters are handled quickly and integrated into your overall wealth management.
  4. Do your daily banking effortlessly by identifying yourself when you call us at 0200 70 000 (local network charge/mobile call charge). Our phone service at 0200 7000 in English is open on Mon-Fri 08.00-18.00 (and in Finnish at 0200 3000, Mon-Fri 08:00-20:00). This way you can handle all your daily banking matters at once. The easiest way to reach Nordea Customer Service is to call us through your mobile bank app.
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Exclusive benefits

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Our Premium customer

If you are already our Premium Customer, you can contact the Customer Service.

Call us at 0200 70000