Become a corporate customer

We offer expert services to your company regardless of time and place. Become a corporate customer and open company account and other banking services online. By following the instructions below you can become Nordea's a corporate customer online.

As Nordea's corporate customer you get more!

  • Specialized services to your company regardless of time and place. 
  • Help and advisory through phone and online meetings. 
  • Comprehensive service and product offerings to meet your company's need. 

Become a corporate customer online

Easy and quick way to become a corporate customer online to Nordea. By following the instructions below you will be able to become a corporate customer to Nordea. You can become Nordea's corporate customer with any of the Finnish bank's netbank ID's. 

The use of the service requires that the company form is soletrader (toiminimi), limited liability company (osakeyhtiö), limited partnership (kommandiittiyhtiö) or general partnership (avoin yhtiö). Companies in their start-up phase can also use this service to become a customer online.

Open the banking services you need

When becoming a corporate customer online you will automatically get corporate e-start-up package and the products included in the package. The package includes the following services:


You can take the service into use right away after your application is processed and you have logged in to the service again. You can find the the instructions for filling the application below. 

1. The requirements of using the service

1. You can fill in the application when: 

  • You have access codes to log in.
  • You have a mobile phone.
  • You have a Finnish passport or identity card.
  • You are of age.
  • You are Finnish citizen.
  • Your domicile is in Finland and you are legally competent.
  • You are authorized to sign behalf the company.
  • The company form is soletrader, limited liability company, limited partnership or general partnership.

2. The application process
3. Login to the service once more