What can e-Markets do for you?

e-Markets is an easy-to-use tool for all your FX needs; whether it is buying or selling currencies, securing currency rates or managing documentation.

With e-Markets you can:

  • Buy & sell currency
  • Secure currency rates
  • Find out your currency exposure
  • Manage documentation

Who would benefit from using e-Markets?

e-Markets is a professional currency management tool for both small and large companies, delivered in a simple and user-friendly way.  

Minimise the risk

Doing business abroad involving foreign currency always carries an element of risk. Small and medium companies are especially exposed to such risk.

Currency fluctuations can have a significant impact on your company’s profits, and in the worst case scenario, will wipe out some or all of it.

E-Markets allows you to secure the rate of a future transaction, which not only facilitates budgeting and liquidity planning, but also improves your company’s financial stability.

Please check out our demoOpens new window and learn how easy it is to convert money with e-Markets.

Insights to your liquidity and currency needs

To make fast and accurate decisions, you need data and insights that shows you where your business is heading, whether your foreign currency needs are covered, trading patterns and your liquidity situation. Nordea provides you with Dashboard, giving you instant access to key financial figures from Corporate Netbank and e-Markets - all in one place.
Access to e-Markets is free

Access to e-Markets is free. We offer competitive pricing and rates. 

Please contact your Nordea contact person or Nordea Markets directly to learn more.

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