We offer various benefits for farmers

  • Farmers and forest owners can become eligible for our customer programmes.
  • You get all everyday banking services, such as accounts, cards and Netbank, at a competitive price.
  • Together we will find the best financing solutions for your farm's investments.
  • You can benefit from our extensive and flexible range of insurance and investment products.
  • We will advise you on questions linked to farm succession and applying for special loans. Come and see us at one of our branches well in advance.

Nordea is a full-service bank also to forest owners. Nordea Forest offers lots of information and different kinds of benefits through its partners for those involved in forestry or those thinking about selling timber.

Help with succession planning

In the case of farms, succession is one of the key decisions both for the outgoing and incoming party, which is why you should select the best experts to plan and implement the transfer. Nordea's experts are there to help you along the way.

Incoming farmer

  • We help you to determine the appropriate sales price in terms of your farm's continuity.
  • We help you with succession planning in cooperation with various organisations providing advice to farmers (ProAgria agricultural expert organisation and Kassamestarit accounting agency).
  • We offer competitive financing and comprehensive banking services for the needs of developing farms.

Outgoing farmer

  • We will help you with the practical arrangements of farm transfer in cooperation with various organisations providing advice to farmers (ProAgria agricultural expert organisation and Kassamestarit accounting agency).
  • We offer competitive saving and investing services to secure your pension.

Financing investments

When you are planning to develop your farm and need financing for different kinds of investments, Nordea's experts will help you find the best solutions for your farm.

Our customers benefit from the experience of a strong European bank in agriculture in a country where farming developed more quickly than anywhere else.

Interest-subsidised loan
Business loan
Hire-purchase and leasing

Interest-subsidised loan

You can get an interest-subsidised loan for targets that meet the terms of agricultural investment subsidies. The interest falling on the customer is reasonably priced.

You will pay a fixed 1% interest for your interest-subsidised loan for as long as the interest subsidy granted for the loan is in force.

Hire-purchase and leasing

In taxation, hire-purchase is comparable to a normal bank loan and in leasing, all costs are tax-deductible.

Market risks now as important as crop risks

Risks stemming from the fluctuation of market prices have increased considerably during the past few years and have become even greater than crop risks. As your farm's operations increase, so do the risks related to the price development of input and products. Interest and currency risks can play a major role for developing farms.

Nordea makes it easy to manage market risks. Contact us and our experts will help you find the most suitable solutions for your farm.

Currency hedging

Have you thought about

  • whether the price development of your product or key input is connected to exchange rate developments?

Products that are closely linked to the fluctuations of exchange rates include fuel and protein feed. Exchange rates also have a powerful impact on the price development of grain and pork, which are among the EU's key exports.

Nordea offers several alternatives for exchange rate hedgingOpens new window. Read more about them!

Interest-rate hedging

Have you thought about

  • how much interest rates can rise without endangering the profitability of your farm?

There are several alternatives for hedging against interest rate risks and together we can find a suitable solution for your farm's needs. See Nordea's interest-rate hedging productsOpens new window

MTK membership benefits

Read about membership benefits offered by Nordea

We believe that we can offer you professional help and support you in managing your banking easily and quickly. Nordea will assign contact persons to rural entrepreneurs who are members of MTK. The farms can be directly in touch with their contact persons in matters concerning their banking needs. In addition, Nordea Business Centre serves entrepreneurs at tel 0200 26262 Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30. We bid you warmly welcome to Nordea to hear more about how we can support the operations of your farm. 

Read about membership benefits offered by NordeaOpens new window