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Nordea Business – our new online bank for corporate customers

Nordea Business is our new online bank for corporate customers.

Nordea Business will make your day-to-day banking easier and free up more time for what matters. It has a new look, improved navigation and updated features. In Nordea Business, you can manage your banking anywhere and any time, even via video calls – with no appointment needed.

In addition, Nordea Business adapts to the device you are using, so it will work just as smoothly on a tablet as on a computer. 

The development of Nordea Business happens in stages. We are rolling out new features almost every week. We are also developing the functionalities together with our customers, which makes your feedback especially valuable to us. 

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Using Nordea Business requires the code app or code calculator

Please note that the usage of paper code cards in corporate online services has ended. You can log in to Nordea Business with your old Corporate Classic Netbank user ID and the code app or code calculator. We urge all customers to start using the code app as soon as possible.



To log in to Nordea Business, you will need your old Corporate Classic Netbank user ID and the code app or code calculator. If you haven’t started using the code app yet, please do so as soon as possible. 

When using the code app, you only have to remember your PIN. The app will calculate one-time codes and transmit them encrypted to the bank. The code calculator is lightweight, compact, and handy to carry, for example, in the card pocket of your wallet. Its use is also protected with a PIN. 

Read our instructions on how your business can start using the new and secure means of authentication. Instructions for the code appOpens new window and Instuctions for the code calculatorOpens new window.

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Tips for using Nordea Business

Login to the netbank

You can login to Nordea Business with your company's netbank ID and code app or code calculator.

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Contact Nordea Business Centre

Mon-Fri 9.00 - 16.30

0200 26262 (lnc/mcc*)

* local network charge/mobile call charge