A pledge of funds allows you to prove to a contracting party that your company is a reliable partner.


By pledging your own money as collateral, you only pay a one-off fee for the pledge.


No need to worry about sending or storing physical documents since everything is handled digitally.

A pledge of funds ensures smooth cooperation with your partners

As a Nordea customer, you can provide a contracting party with collateral for the satisfactory performance of your obligation by pledging funds, proving that your company is a reliable partner. 

In Nordea Business you can pledge funds online. To pledge funds in an account, we will need from you a signed agreement between the pledger and the pledgee.

When you use our online service, the pledgee will receive a digital notice of the pledge, which they will eventually use to release the pledge. Our service is completely paperless.

If you are not using Nordea Business and want to pledge funds in an account, please call Nordea Business Centre on 0200 26262Opens new window (local rates apply), Mon–Fri 9.00–16.30.

We undertake to waive our right of set-off with regard to the funds in the account during the validity of the pledge. 

Should I pledge my own money as collateral or apply for a bank guarantee?

If the collateral required is high and you don’t want to tie up your company’s funds for the validity of the pledge, we recommend that you apply for a bank guarantee for the duration of the contract instead. Read more about bank guarantees.

What can a pledge of funds be used for?

You can use our online form if your company needs to pledge funds for the following purposes: 

  • a rental security deposit
  • a performance guarantee
  • a warranty
  • a traffic licence from Traficom, or collateral given to the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority 
  • collateral given to the ELY Centre

Your company’s contracting partner must be Finnish.

Pledging of funds
Release of pledged funds

Should you use your company’s or your bank’s assets as collateral?

A bank guarantee and pledging funds in your company’s account are alternative ways to secure the performance of a contract. Compare the options and choose the best one for you.

  • Bank guarantee
  • Pledge of funds
  • Bank guarantee
  • Pledge of funds
Bank guarantee Pledge of funds
Digital application form in Nordea Business
Digital application form in Nordea Business
Ties up your company’s funds
Ties up your company’s funds
Expires automatically [1]
Expires automatically [1]

Requires collateral

Requires collateral

Fixed fee [2]
Fixed fee [2]Arrangement fee starting from EUR 400Opening fee EUR 100–300
Annual commission
Annual commission Calculated for each customer individually
Other expenses
Other expenses Service fee starting from EUR 145

1. The automatic expiry date of a bank guarantee is set on a case-by-case basis. When you pledge funds as collateral, the pledgee’s approval is always required to release the funds.

2. No arrangement fee is charged on guarantees issued within a bank guarantee limit.

Examples of the most common guarantees

Performance guarantee

A performance guarantee is also known as a contract bond. A performance guarantee ensures that any work or procurement agreed on by the contractor and developer will be completed as laid down in the contract. 

The guarantee is valid until the contract work is completed, and the guarantee amount is agreed on as a percentage of the contract or procurement price.

Rental security deposit

A rental security deposit, or a rent guarantee, is provided for the landlord as collateral for the rent payments and other obligations laid down in the tenancy agreement. 

An amount equaling three months’ rent at maximum is considered an appropriate rental security deposit but the amount is always set on a case-by-case basis.

Pledge your funds in netbank

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