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Corporate finance – apply for finance for your company

In order to operate efficiently, a company needs additional finance from time to time irrespective of sector or size. In general, the need for finance is greatest when setting up a company, but maintaining competitiveness often requires investments at the later stages of the life cycle of a business, too. The easiest way to find financing is to contact Nordea.

What kind of finance suits your company?

There are as many various corporate finance purposes as there are companies. However, the majority of companies’ needs for finance are quite general, such as furniture and equipment procurements, level-offs of seasonal variations or financial risk management. Nordea offers various customised alternatives for corporate finance, which will be tailored further to your particular needs.

What life cycle stage your company is in?

Large investments may be the financial lifeline for setting up a business or maintaining competitiveness. But procurements often require substantial capital, which may become a barrier new businesses in particular will have to overcome when starting their business operations. Nordea offers different kinds of corporate finance solutions to new businesses as well – from unsecured loans to bigger loans. 

Working capital

Applying for finance to be used as working capital is one of the most typical forms of corporate finance. Examples of the flexible solutions offered by Nordea are an account with an overdraft facility, Corporate FlexiCredit or a loan.

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Traditionally, investments are by far companies’ largest spending items which often require loan financing. Nordea offers a wide range of solutions for financing your business’s investment needs.

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Leasing won't tie your company's assets in owning. You only pay for the use of the equipment.

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Bank guarantees

A bank guarantee helps in managing finance-related risks. Use a bank guarantee as security for many types of transactions, such as various deliveries, works contracts, purchases of goods and property or other payment obligations.

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Vendor financing

We can offer your company various alternatives for vendor finance. ‘Vendor finance’ generally refers to vendor cooperation which allows provision of finance to your customers.

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Finance for establishing a business or boosting business operations

Establishing a business often requires big investments and other major financial arrangements. For instance, you need to secure salary payments and the functioning of the IT infrastructure and other equipment in your company’s vital seed stage. There are many kinds of corporate finance providers on the market, and their financing and loan terms may differ considerably. In fact, you should always read the financing terms and conditions carefully.

We are certain that you will find a solution that suits your needs from our corporate finance alternatives under flexible and affordable financing terms. Will your company need one-off loan finance for investments or rather continuous support in the form of working capital or vendor finance? 

Companies in a more established life cycle stage also need finance for their business operations and maintaining or boosting their competitiveness. Is your company planning to renew equipment or expand operations either within the same sector or across sectors?  

We provide you with corporate finance alternatives for your varying needs and for each stage of your company's life cycle. You can send us a credit application online or contact us right away if you need a bigger loan or a vendor partner. Read more about the finance alternatives behind the links provided.

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