Corporate finance – apply for finance for your company

In order to operate efficiently, a company needs additional finance from time to time irrespective of sector or size. In general, the need for finance is greatest when setting up a company, but maintaining competitiveness often requires investments at the later stages of the life cycle of a business, too. The easiest way to find financing is to contact Nordea.

Corporate FlexiCredit

Corporate FlexiCredit is an unsecured corporate loan, which can be used to finance both your urgent working capital needs and small investments up to 25,000 euros.

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Corporate loan

With a corporate loan you can easily finance your company's various investments or expand your business operations, for example.

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Bank guarantees

A bank guarantee helps in managing finance-related risks. Use a bank guarantee as security for many types of transactions, such as various deliveries, works contracts, purchases of goods and property or other payment obligations.

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Green Business Loans

Finance your investments that are beneficial for the environment with our Green Business Loan.

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Currency loan

A currency loan is a financing alternative suitable for various needs. It is particularly suitable for companies with income or investments in a foreign currency.

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Recourse Factoring

Recourse factoring means an overdraft facility with the company's sales receivables as security. Services included are collection and cover for buyer risk with credit insurance. Service is provided by Nordea Finance.

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Leasing won't tie your company's assets in owning. You only pay for the use of the equipment. Service is provided by Nordea Finance.

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Hire purchase

Hire purchase is a suitable form of financing for your company’s investments if the life cycle of the asset to be acquired will be long. Service is provided by Nordea Finance.

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Vendor financing

We can offer your company various alternatives for vendor finance. ‘Vendor finance’ generally refers to vendor cooperation which allows provision of finance to your customers. Service is provided by Nordea Finance.

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First Card

Make life easier with the First Card corporate card. First Card saves you time with smart payments and simplified administration, giving you more time for what matters.

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Housing company loan

Housing company loan is a product package tailored especially to the needs of a housing company. The package includes a flexible renovation account and a renovation loan for the housing company.

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Overdraft facility

A payment account is the basis of a company’s cash management. If needed, an overdraft facility that suits your company’s needs can be added to it.

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Fill in a financing application

Do you already know what kind of financing your company needs? Great! You can start filling in the application immediately, but first please check that you have the following details at hand: 

  • Information about your company’s ownership structure
  • Financial statements (total profit and balance sheet) or the operating income from last year
  • Your company’s description and budget for next year
  • Business plan (new company)

Find the optimal financing solution for your company

Each company comes with its own corporate financing needs. Establishing a business often requires big investments and other major financial arrangements. Companies in a more established life cycle stage also need finance for their business operations and for maintaining or boosting their competitiveness. 

Nordea offers various customised alternatives for corporate finance, which will be tailored further to your particular needs.