Benefits to the housing company

A convenient package for financing renovations, including a flexible and affordable renovation account and a renovation loan adjusted to the housing company's needs. 

  • A clear overall solution to renovation financing
  • Flexibility and convenience to invoice payments, shareholders’ remittances and calculation of charges for financial costs
  • Pre-prepared presentation material for shareholders’ meetings and  housing company board  meetings
  • A pre-prepared template for minutes makes the house manager's work easier.


The housing company loan consists of a renovation account for the duration of the renovation and a renovation loan for the loan period.


A housing company loan covers all financing needs during a housing company's renovation. It facilitates the planning of demanding renovations and their realisation. In addition, it enables a flexible repayment schedule for the loan.


The renovation account enables flexible payments during the renovation. Invoices are paid from the account when they fall due and no partial withdrawals are necessary. 

The housing company only pays interest for the amount used from the renovation account 

In an ordinary loan, the interest-bearing principal rises according to the drawdown plan  irrespective of the  progress of the renovation. In the renovation account, interest is charged according to the paid renovation costs. This means that you will save in interest expenses during the renovation and do not have to pay for something unnecessary .

Shareholders’ remittances

Payment of shareholder remittances is convenient through the renovation account and the shareholders can pay off their share of the housing company loan if they want to. After the renovation has been completed, the renovation account is converted to a renovation loan, the loan period of which can be tailored to suit the needs of the housing company.