First Card

First Card makes it easier for you and your company to handle your daily expenses, regardless of business and size.

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Business Visa Debit

With Business Visa Debit you can access your company’s bank account everywhere in the world.

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Nordea Business Mastercard Opens new window

The sales of Nordea Business Mastercard has ended. Existing cards are still supported, and it is possible to do changes to existing agreements. Please see First Card for a good alternative.

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We have chosen the right cards for you

Our business cards and mobile payment solutions are designed to supplement and support each other. Thus, you don’t have to spend time on choosing between somewhat identical business cards. It’s more a question of what you need for your daily operations.

Covering basic needs

It’s convenient always to have a credit or debit card at hand to pay your daily expenses - not least on business travels. With a credit card you even get a few steps ahead in relation to your cash flow as you get 15-30 days credit on your purchases. We have boiled it all down to one comprehensive solution called First Card (MasterCard) which is our recommended card for most businesses.

Go Mobile!

Mobile Payment is the new cash. You can pay almost everywhere. You have to connect your credit card to the mobile solution of your choice. And did you know that you can get Siirto for business too for both in- and outgoing payments? 

Need to deposit cash?

If you or your employees need to deposit daily cash in deposit ATMs, you need a dedicated deposit card.