Financial Freedom

Credit is always available: You can pay with the card whenever and wherever you need. First Card helps you maximize your cash flow.

Flexible payment terms: With up to 30 days of free credit, the card gives you time to handle all of your expenses. You also have the possibility to prolong the credit period. 

Easy Administration

First Card simplifies the handling of expenses: All your business expenses on one collective invoice, adapted to your company´s needs.

Up to two years of payments history: You get an overview of all the company’s expenses in our online services. 

Smart Payments

Mobile Payments: Add your First Card to Apple Pay or Google Pay to pay with your phone. If you prefer using your card – blip your card for quick and easy contactless payments.

First Card app: Check your transactions with First Card app, make safety settings and get notifications when your card is used.  

Business travelling?

  • Simplifies the travelling cost administration 
  • With First Card Travel Account you get all cost and expenses collected in one invoice, avoiding all receipts and expense management
  • Travel Account works with the leading travel agencies

Explore the advantages with First Card

  • Globally accepted  - Mastercard enables you to pay wherever you go – online and in-stores.  
  • Safe payments – increased control of your expenses with push notifications.
  • Insurances - that protects both the cardholder and your company.
First Card app and cardholder's online services
Card purchases with your mobile
Travel account
Travel insurance
Reporting service

Monitor your card transactions and invoices

As a First Card cardholder you have access to the First Card app and online services with which you can monitor your card transactions and invoices.

The online service is available to you when you have a First Card - in addition, you only need access codes to Netbank. You can log in with Netbank codes from most Finnish banks.

The app is available for iPhones and Android phones.

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Card purchases with your mobile

Mobile payments are now available for business cards – fast, easy  and convenient!

Make it more convenient for your personnel to gather all company expenses in one place. Let the employees choose how they want to pay: with their mobile, plastic card or travel account. Regardless of choice – the transactions still end up in the same First Card invoice.

  • Provide your employees with a more convenient and efficient way to manage expenses.
  • Benefit from cost control, simplified reporting and an easy to read e-invoice consolidating your entire company spenditure.

With First Card you get less administration, and more time for what matters to your company.

Get started with Apple Pay and Google Pay today!

Travel account

Travel account is an invoicing solution for companies' travel agency purchases. It can be used for the business trips of all your personnel, and it streamlines the handling of business travel purchases.

If the travel volume in your company is high, it is a good idea to handle travel agency invoices through the travel account.

  • An aggregate invoice through the travel account simplifies the travel expense payment process and considerably reduces the number of invoices handled.
  • Depending on the needs of your company, travel account transactions can be invoiced either as a separate lot or together with purchases made with First Card.

Travel insurance

Supplementary travel insurance gives additional cover for work-related travel. The insurance is valid when you have paid the trip with First Card or from a First Card travel account.

The supplementary travel insurance includes several important covers such as

  • Travel insurance (accidental death and permanent handicap)
  • Delay compensation for delayed transportation or arrival of luggage
  • Trip cancellation cover
  • Third-party insurance
  • Interruption of the trip ans missed trip or connection

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Reporting service

The First Card online services provide detailed reports on your company’s First Card and travel account transactions. 

  • Statistics help cost monitoring and budgeting
  • Service provider-specific reports give accurate purchase volumes to help agreement negotiations with service providers


Direct debiting in Finland ended on 31 January 2014 along with the introduction of the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA). 


You can register for the e-invoice in your personal Netbank service for First Cards with private or joint payment liability. You can link an automatic payment order to the e-invoice. With automatic payment, the e-invoice functions as direct debit. The e-invoice is free of charge.