Accounts and payments

Nordea's comprehensive services allow you to efficiently manage your daily account and payment transactions both in Finland and abroad. The e-invoice is a convenient means of invoicing, and you can retrieve account statements directly from your Netbank. You can make payments via file transfer or Netbanks 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Corporate accounts

Corporate Disposal Account

An account for small and medium-sized enterprises to which you can link all your payment services.

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Corporate Current Account

Corporate Current Account is a payment account suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises.

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Foreign Currency Account

You need a Foreign Currency Account for taking care of payments outside the Eurozone. You can also use your account for currency position management.

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Invoicing and payments


Send and receive e-invoices whether you use Netbank or your own financial administration system.

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Foreign currency payment

Payment instruction is the easiest way for your company to receive and make foreign currency payments overseas or to other Finnish banks.

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E-payment is a suitable means of payment for almost all kinds of e-commerce.

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Credit transfer

Credit transfers are made in the same way irrespective of whether the payee's account bank is in Finland or abroad.

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SEPA direct debit

A direct debit service you can use for euro-dominated invoices throughout the SEPA

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SEPA Instant Credit Transfer for corporate

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer is a new European instant payment service that enables you to receive euro-denominated credit transfers in seconds.

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The e-salary enables the electronic delivery of payslips so that the salary earners can view them in Netbank.

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