SEPA for corporate

SEPA is an opportunity for your business. The common payment area could impact your cash management arrangements, giving you greater visibility over your European cash positions. It might also allow you to centralise your payments.

What is SEPA?

SEPA is the single, integrated European market, which allows the free flow of goods and services across the region. SEPA also increases opportunities for innovation and competition in payments.

SEPA direct debit

SEPA Direct Debit Debtor

SEPA Direct Debit Debtor

The SEPA direct debit for debtor consists of two services; CORE and B2B and can be used for euro-dominated payments throughout the SEPA. The CORE service is targeted for corporates and consumers, whereas the B2B service is targeted for corporates only. 

As a debtor you need to sign a service agreement with Nordea. This is done by contacting your own Nordea branch. 

Your benefits:

  • An easy way to pay your recurring domestic and cross-border payments in time and with correct details.
  • With one euro account you can order and pay for services from both domestic and foreign companies.
  • Both the creditor and the debtor must comply with the same rules in all transactions.
  • Possibility to have payments refunded.
Refund of payments
SEPA Direct Debit Creditor

SEPA Direct Debit Creditor

The SEPA Direct Debit Creditor service enables you to debit the debtors’ EUR accounts in the SEPA area. You can use SEPA Direct Debit Creditor service to collect funds from consumers and corporate customers who have given their prior approval to it with a mandate. The SEPA Direct Debit Creditor service has two optional services: CORE and B2B.

Your benefits

The SEPA Direct Debit Creditor service provides you a simple and cost-efficient way to collect funds from SEPA-countries.  It enables liquidity centralisation, certainty of payment completion within a predetermined time cycle, and the possibility to optimise and streamline internal processes with easy reconciliation of payments received. It also enables to start investigation immediately if transaction has been rejected or refunded.

You can use SEPA Direct Debit Creditor Services as an alternative for SEPA Credit transfers when collecting euros in the SEPA area.

How to implement the service?
Creditor Identifier

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer for corporate

SEPA Instant Credit Transfer for corporate

As a customer of Nordea, you have the advantage of being among the first ones in Finland to use this service. The service will become available to you in stages. You are now able to receive SEPA Instant Credit Transfers from European banks.

Nordea transfers the funds to your euro-denominated account immediately once the payment has arrived to Nordea as a SEPA Instant Credit Transfer. No additional fees will be charged - you will receive the funds to your account faster and at the same rate as with SEPA Credit Transfer.

There is a maximum limit of 100,000 euros per single payment which applies to all banks offering the service.

The service is in its initial phase in Europe and the number of participating banks will grow gradually. The banks can decide themselves in what schedule they will start to offer the service.

Benefits to your company
Receiving and sending SEPA Instant Credit Transfers