What is automated currency handling and trading?

Global forex markets are open on the business hours of four different parts of the world, which means that trading is active 24 hours a day, five days a week. The fast pace of the forex markets in, combination with extra tasks related to having counterparties abroad, requires you to be prepared to rapid changes and new tasks - this is where automation can really help you stay on top.

Nordea's AutoFX Suite is designed to help you streamline your foreign exchange (FX) operations. Automating your FX handling can improve efficiency and processes, reduce both market and operational risks but also support decision-making ultimately unlocking valuable time for other priorities in the company. 

The AutoFX Suite consists of four elements that in combination cater for a variety of customer needs, regardless of the company size or the complexity of FX handling. These user-friendly and easy to adopt solutions can take your forex workflows into new levels of efficiency. They can help you understand how exchange rates impact your company, carry out your FX transactions automatically, and implement hedging strategies with ease, so you can focus on making your company thrive. 

Our automated solutions

AutoFX Liquidity Management

Automate your FX Liquidity Management and free up time and resources.

Find out how to handle your FX flows efficiently

AutoFX Hedging Opens new window

Automate your FX hedging with your own hedging rules without losing control.

Learn how FX hedging can help you Opens new window


Connect your own systems to our simple, yet sophisticated FX APIs to trade and manage risk in real time.

Get a closer look at our four FX APIs

Why to automate?
Focus on growth
Key benefits

FX automation is no longer a luxury, it’s a strategic necessity

Some finance professionals and treasurers have had doubts about giving up control with automation, its complexity, or how it meshes with their own roles. However, when implemented strategically, automation have improved efficiency and reduced risks while freeing up scarce time – time that now can be invested in more value added tasks.

You are still in full control of determining your trading strategies by setting the parameters, so that you can have hands-on control when needed and automate the rest. You are just letting the FX automation help you and your organization by streamline repetitive, manual processes so you can be on top of today and ready for what happens tomorrow.

You decide what, and how much to automate. We have the privilege of helping both some of the largest companies and institutions in the Nordics as well as smaller start-ups. Some automate the entire process meanwhile other automate minor time-consuming nagging flows. 

Focus on growth, automate everything else

Automated FX solutions are especially useful when you are doing business abroad, expanding into new markets and need to deal with cashflow in multiple currencies.

Our AutoFX solutions are designed for companies that would like to take advantage of the strategic opportunity automation creates for employees to move from executing administrative tasks to managing the more strategic aspects of their roles. They enable treasurers and finance professionals to concentrate on ensuring that finance department can help business grow now as well as in the future. 

Nordea’s AutoFX Suite offers you everything you need to trade effectively in the forex markets, with the support of modern technologies. We are the leading bank in FX automation in the Nordics.

The tools can help you optimize your foreign exchange, cut your transaction costs and help unlock your growth potential. Most importantly, using the tools in the Nordea AutoFX Suite allows you to concentrate on what matters most, growing your business, and serving your clients better.

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