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Auto FX Suite

Automated FX trading is highly advantageous for companies involved in foreign trade. By putting your foreign exchange trade into autopilot mode, our FX automation solutions will take care of the manual work so you can focus on strategic thinking and growth. Being a leading bank within FX automation in the Nordics, we have a solution to back you up with each step of your growth.

What is automated forex handling and trading?

Global forex markets are open on the business hours of four different parts of the world, and the trading is active 24 hours a day, five days a week. The fast pace of forex markets requires you to be awake to rapid changes - this is where automation can really boost your business.

Nordea AutoFX Suite is designed to help you optimise your foreign exchange (FX) operations. They give you a 24-hour access to the global forex marketplace, which helps you handle, for example currency volatility better.

The AutoFX Suite consists of four, user-friendly and easy to use tools that can take your forex trading into new levels of efficiency. They help you to monitor exchange rates, carry out your FX transactions, and hedging strategies, so you can focus on expanding your business internationally. 


Analyse and forecast your FX cash flows for smarter decision making.

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AutoFX Liquidity Management

Automate your FX Liquidity Management and free up time and resources

Find out how to handle your FX flows efficiently

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Connect your own systems to our simple, yet sophisticated FX APIs to trade and manage risk in real time.

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Why to automate?

FX automation is no longer a luxury, it’s a strategic necessity

When thinking of automating your forex transactions, it’s not uncommon to be unsure where to begin. What would be the appropriate levels of automation, will benefits really outweigh the risks, will you lose control if you allow the machines to take over? 

It's natural to think about these questions. However, observing international trade, it becomes clear that to be able function in the forex marketplace today calls for constant analysis and fast reactions 24/5. 

In an environment where your competitors are using automated forex trading tools and can execute trades almost instantly, also you need to be able to analyze exchange rates and other signals in the currency market fast. 

Why not let rule-based computer programs help you take care of the manual calculations of your international trade account on your behalf, automatically, so you can concentrate on strengthening your strategic thinking?

You are still in control of determining your trading strategies, and setting the parameters. You are just letting the FX automation help you and your organization with decision making, so you can be on top of today and ready for what happens tomorrow. 

Focus on growth
Key benefits

Find out how Nordea's AutoFX solutions can help you grow your business

Our dedicated team of forex specialists will help you optimise your foreign exchange transactions

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