Automate your FX handling and take care of risks in real-time by connecting your systems to our simple yet sophisticated foreign exchange APIs. Completely hassle-free, according to your own rules and processes.

What are FX APIs?

An API (application programming interface) is a software intermediary that allows two applications or systems to talk to each other. In the world of foreign exchange, it enables FX tasks that would normally be handled over the phone or on separate platforms to be automated. To be able to take the greatest advantage of automated FX trading, you can integrate your own systems, such as ERP or a spreadsheet, to Nordea’s AutoFX APIs to execute FX trades and retrieve needed information in real time - entirely automated. 

Nordea’s FX APIs

 You can choose between Trading APIs and Information APIs.

Market Order API

Trade spot, swaps and forwards at current market rate.

Learn more about Market Order API

FX Listed Rates API

Spot trading at fixed pre-communicated rates, valid for a limited amount of time (e.g. 24-hour fixed price, incl. weekends)

Read more about FX Listed Rates API

Which API shoud I choose?

Choose the APIs which suit your needs

You can choose from two different types of APIs depending on the use case: the trading APIs and the information APIs. The FX trading APIs allows you to automate the entire trading process from simple spot conversions to more sophisticated hedging strategies. You decide what should trigger a trade – common triggers are orders, payments or positions in your system. The Information APIs allows you to fetch and use real-time FX rates for internal purposes, such as reporting, calculations and investment decisions. You can also fetch your trading history for accounting and post-trade purposes. 

Market Order API and FX Listed Rates API are used for conducting FX trading, either as spot, swaps or forwards at the current market rate, or as spot trades based on fixed pre-communicated rates, valid for e.g. 24 hours. 

The Pricing API and Trade Retriever API are your information tools for accessing your current market rates for spot, swaps and forwards, as well as retrieving your historical trades and automated bookkeeping. 

Key Benefits of FX APIs
Who are they for?

Got interested?

Find out how our AutoFX APIs support direct trading and information handling directly from your systems. Our FX advisors will help you with onboarding AutoFX APIs to your systems. Only minimum IT integration is needed.

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