Improve your competitiveness

By allowing your systems and our systems to communicate, we can help you grow and automate your business by securing a set currency rate when trading with cross-border customers.

  • Grow your business and increase sales by offering prices and payments in local currency
  • Offer up-to-date pricing without worrying about currency fluctuations
  • Minimum IT integration needed

This is how FX Listed Rates API can help your business

The FX Listed Rates API is designed for companies that want to do cross-border sales, but at the same time minimise currency risk. The API can integrate fixed currency rates directly into your applications or systems, for pre-agreed periods of up to 24 hours. We can also offer a “weekend rate”, i.e. a rate that is valid when the market is closed.

A vast majority of online shoppers prefer prices to be quoted in their home currency, and if this is not offered 1/3 will abandon their shopping carts. By integrating fixed currency rates into your systems, you can increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. But you will also manage currency risk as the exchange rate is known for an agreed period. Your margins will also be protected, regardless of which currency your customers prefer.

The FX Listed Rates API can of course also be implemented for physical sales.

This is how an API works

An API (Application Programming Interface) is a software intermediary allowing two applications or systems to talk to each other. It enables tasks that would normally be handled over the phone or on separate platforms to be automated and allowing your systems and Nordea’s systems to communicate and perform the task instead.

Our API products are made available to customers, and in some instances third parties, on our Open Banking PlatformOpens new window. To check if you have the technical integration required to connect to and use the API, you are welcome to check your workflows in our sandbox environmentOpens new window without any additional on-boarding.

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