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AutoFX Liquidity Management

The FX autopilot that frees up your time. By putting it into autopilot mode, AutoFX will free you from manually monitoring your currency account balances and FX transactions.

Automate your FX liquidity management and free up valuable time and resources

AutoFX Liquidity Management is Nordea’s award-winning and fully-automated liquidity management tool for managing your foreign currency flows and liquidity. It helps you to streamline your daily routines related to foreign exchange, and frees up your time to what matters most – your core business.

By combining account balances with a rule-based framework, AutoFX Liquidity Management will ensure that you always have the desired positions at the end of the day, or any given point in time. AutoFX can also trade based on fixed and recurring notional amounts as spot, forward and swaps.

It’s up to you which flows and how much you want to automate. Today AutoFX have customers in all segments, helping larger Treasuries with minor time-consuming flows, while others choose to automate the entire FX process.

How AutoFX works

AutoFX is a rule-based solution that automates your FX handling

Nordea’s AutoFX Liquidity Management is a fully-automated solution for managing your company’s currency flows and liquidity. Instead of having to continuously monitor accounts and manually trade spot or swaps depending on your current liquidity need, you can let AutoFX Liquidity Management handle your FX exposure according to your own instructions. This means that you can focus on more value-adding tasks in-stead.

AutoFX key functions
Key benefits of AutoFX
Who is AutoFX for?

Find out how you AutoFX Liquidity Management can help you save time and resources

Set up the rules and let Nordea take care of the implementation. Our FX specialists will help you to get started.

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