Why should companies invest?

If you are an entrepreneur, you are a company owner and should therefore think about how to manage your company’s capital. In the short term, this means liquidity management and building a buffer for unexpected events. In the longer term, investments may be sensible to enable your company to grow and improve its profitability. When you have accrued cash that you won’t need for running the business, you should consider how you should invest this excess. Perhaps you will want to save for your pension or to prepare a growth or M&A plan for your company.

Nordea's investment products

Whether you are planning on making a long or short term investment, we offer just the right product selection for you.

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Saving enables you to build a buffer for your company or prepare for funding your future growth. It will also provide financial security to your company. Regular monthly saving is easy to start in Nordea Business. If you have other aspirations, our investment experts will be more than happy to help you get started.

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A company has many investment options ranging from shares to funds and insurance wrappers. If you already have the necessary competence to start investing, read our instructions on how to sign up for investment services. If you want to discuss options that are tailored to your particular circumstances, our experts are here for you and your company.

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Your company’s need for liquidity is determined by what your company does. Another important aspect for you to consider when planning cash management is your company’s risk mix. Our experts will help you find a balance between the optimal liquidity and invested assets.

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