If you want to invest for the long term, actively switch investments and diversify your savings across multiple investment alternatives, Capital Corporate could be the right fit for your company. 

Why choose Nordea Capital Corporate?

  • It offers a wide variety of investment alternatives for you to choose from, such as funds, investment baskets and investment bonds. Our investment baskets are exclusively available through insurance-based investment products. If there’s volatility in the markets or you need time to decide on your next investment, you can temporarily transfer your money to our low-risk Insurance Account.
  • Add and switch investments without any costs and tax consequences. You only pay taxes on the return when you withdraw your money.
  • Easy bookkeeping – you don’t need to report information about your investments to your accountant for bookkeeping or financial statements purposes during the validity of your contract.
  • You can start by investing a lump sum or opt for monthly saving – the minimum amount for a lump sum investment is EUR 5,000 and the minimum amount for regular saving is EUR 50 per month.
  • Suitable for long-term saving and investments – the recommended investment horizon is a minimum of three years. The more precise investment horizon is determined based on the investment instruments you choose. 

Investment alternatives

Before concluding a Nordea Capital Corporate contract, customers other than professional investment firms will get a tailored recommendation of the contract, amounts and investment instruments that would suit them.

You can select funds, investment bonds and ready-made investment baskets that are available exclusively through insurance-based investment products to be included in your contract. 

Granite Portfolios

The real-estate investments of Nordea Life Assurance are the foundation of Granite Portfolio investment baskets, offering a better risk/return ratio, generating a steady cash flow through rental income and enabling further diversification in addition to the traditional asset classes. The money invested in the Granite Portfolios is diversified across various asset classes globally. 

You can choose the option that suits your preferred risk level from among five Granite Portfolios with different risk profiles.

Globe Baskets

The Globe Baskets are easy and sustainable investment baskets managed by professionals who pay special attention to the environmental, social and governance aspects when selecting investment alternatives. By choosing a Globe Basket that meets your needs, you can positively impact the environment and society. The Globe Baskets offer an excellent asset allocation and great value for money. 

You can choose the option that suits your preferred risk level from among five Globe Baskets with different risk profiles. 

Equity Baskets

The Equity Baskets are suitable for you if you are looking to invest in Finnish companies, track the performance of the Finnish equity market and are aware of the risks involved.

You can choose from 14 companies listed on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki exchange, which you can use to build your personal equity portfolio. Every Equity Basket added to your contract will consist of the shares of one listed company, and the basket’s performance will track the total return on the share in question. The total return consists of the share price performance and the dividend yield.

Nordea funds

You can choose one or several equity, fixed income or balanced funds from our wide selection of Nordea funds.

Insurance Account

An Insurance Account is suitable for savers or investors who want to invest their savings with a low risk. It is particularly useful as a temporary place to park your money while searching for a new investment or waiting for market volatility to subside.

Investment bonds

You can add investment bonds selected by Nordea Life Assurance to your investment agreement during their subscription period. 

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