Capital Corporate - long-term investment solution for corporate customers

For easy and effortless management of long-term investment assets Nordea Capital agreement serves as an umbrella for various investments.

Capital Corporate is a long-term investment solution for our corporate customers. Target-oriented long-term investment and active management of investments are now simpler than ever.

Benefits for your company

  • A wide variety of investment alternatives, such as funds, investment baskets and equity-linked bonds.
  • You can transfer your cash to a low-risk insurance account when the markets are volatile or while you consider where to invest next.
  • Switching investments from one alternative to another within the scope of your agreement is free of charge.
  • The return, if any, is not taxable income upon switching investment alternatives until the agreement expires or assets are withdrawn during the validity of the agreement.
  • You do not have to separately provide information about your investments for bookkeeping and financial statements during the agreement period.

The best benefits can be obtained from Nordea Capital Corporate when the company intends to make long-term investments, to switch the investment alternatives actively and to diversify its savings across multiple investment instruments.

Upon concluding a Nordea Capital Corporate agreement, non-professional investment companies will be given a tailored recommendation for an agreement and the amounts and alternatives to be invested in.

Capital Corporate can be adjusted to your business needs

  • The minimum sum for a one-off investment is EUR 5,000, and you can make additional investments at any time.
  • Monthly saving is particularly well-suited to companies that prefer to accrue their investment assets in smaller amounts. In monthly saving, the minimum amount is EUR 50 per month.
  • The recommended investment horizon for a Nordea Capital Corporate agreement is three years at minimum. The more precise period is determined based on the investment instruments you choose.
  • You can withdraw your savings partially or in full in the middle of the agreement period, if needed.
  • Companies can choose the package that suits their targets and needs from our comprehensive selection of investments. The value of Capital Corporate tracks the value performance of the investment alternatives chosen.
Investment baskets

Investment baskets

Ready-made investment baskets that you can invest in only through Nordea Life Assurance products can be added to your Nordea Capital Corporate agreement. Investment baskets are not investment funds but investment instruments determined by the insurance company. They are subject to rules of their own and the assets invested in these baskets are invested in other investment instruments such as investment funds, equities, government bonds and corporate bonds.

Globe Baskets

The Globe Baskets are a comprehensive investment solution suitable for investors who prefer to leave all investment decisions to the professionals and consider sustainability to be an important factor in saving and investment decisions.

The Nordea Globe Baskets include diverse benefits. Our experienced portfolio team will manage your insurance savings professionally and actively while taking your expectations and risk appetite into consideration. The Globe Baskets offer an excellent asset allocation and great value for money. Nordea’s Globe Baskets come with five different investment profiles, from which you can choose the alternative that best suits your investment targets and risk tolerance.

Globe Basket 10

You prefer to minimise the decrease in the value of your investments and therefore accept a low expected return..

Globe Basket 25

You expect a moderate return for your investments without too much fluctuation in their value.

Globe Basket 50

You expect a rather high return on your investments. You tolerate moderate fluctuation in the value of your investments both in the short and the long term.

Globe Basket 75

You want to achieve high returns and are willing to tolerate fluctuations in the value of your portfolio both in the short and the long term.

Globe Basket 90

Your main goal is to achieve a high return and you are prepared for a long investment horizon. You tolerate large fluctuations in the value of your portfolio and accept that your portfolio's performance may be negative over longer periods of time.

Read the rules of Nordea Globe Baskets (in Finnish) (pdf, 191 KB)Opens new window.

Granite Portfolios

The Granite Portfolios are suitable for you if you want our experts to select the investment instruments and manage your investment on your behalf, or if you are looking to invest in real estate as part of a widely diversified investment portfolio. 

You can choose the option that suits your preferred risk level from among five Granite Portfolios with different risk profiles.

  • Granite Portfolio Fixed Income aims to preserve the real value of the capital, 
  • Granite Portfolio 30 aims to deliver a moderate return,
  • Granite Portfolio 50 aims to deliver a return with medium risk,
  • Granite Portfolio 75 aims to deliver a return with high risk, and
  • Granite Portfolio 90 aims to deliver a return with very high risk.

Read the rules of Granite Portfolios (in Finnish) (pdf, 189 KB)Opens new window

Equity Baskets

Nordea Equity Baskets allow you to invest easily in the shares of major Finnish listed companies and to tap into their return potential. The Equity Baskets are suitable for you if:

  • you are looking to invest in Finnish companies,
  • you track the performance of the Finnish equity market and are aware of the risks involved, and
  • you want to benefit from the performance of the selected Finnish companies.

You can choose from 14 companies listed on the Nasdaq OMX Helsinki exchange, which you can use to build your personal equity portfolio. Every Equity Basket added to your agreement will consist of the shares of one listed company, and the basket’s performance will track the total return on the share in question. The total return consists of the share price performance and the dividend yield.

Read the rules of Nordea Equity Baskets (in Finnish)Opens new window.


You will have access to our extensive selection of Nordea funds. You can choose one or several equity, fixed income or balanced funds and switch between funds depending on the market situation.

Further information on the funds is available in the Funds Now serviceOpens new window.

Investment bonds

You can add investment bonds selected by Nordea Life Assurance to your investment agreement during their subscription period. You can read about currently available investment bonds in Nordea Netbank.

Insurance Account

An Insurance Account is suitable for savers or investors who want to invest their savings with a low risk. It is particularly useful as a temporary place to park your money while searching for a new investment or waiting for market volatility to subside.

An Insurance Account is an investment alternative offered by Nordea Life Assurance, and its performance is tied to the interest offered by Nordea Bank on euro-denominated cheque accounts. The account interest rate is the 1-week Euribor less the margin, which is currently 0.4%. According to the currently valid tax legislation, no tax-at-source on interest income is levied on the return generated by savings held in an Insurance Account.

Further information on the Insurance Account (in Finnish) (pdf, 105 KB)Opens new window

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