Benefits of our International Subsidiary Banking services

  • One single channel to all Nordic markets
  • Help for expanding business operations to the other Nordic countries
  • Starting to use the service is easy
  • Efficient banking in all Nordic countries
  • Flexible access to cross-border banking services
  • Customer service available in English and nearly all the Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian)
  • Documentation available in English and nearly all the Nordic languages (Finnish, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian) 
  • Nordea’s Nordic network at your disposal 
  • A genuinely Nordic customer experience

Nordea is one of the largest financial services companies in Europe and the leading bank in its four Nordic home markets (Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark). Therefore we are well equipped to offer your company banking services that enable smooth and efficient business operations for your subsidiaries as well. 

Discuss your options with our experts

For further information on our International Subsidiary Group units, starting up of a business in the Nordic countries and how you can expand your business operations from one Nordic country to another, please send us email to one of the following addresses:

Why Nordea?

Our experience in Nordic banking dates back close to 200 years. More than 30,000 Nordea employees work diligently round the clock to be able to provide all customers with the best possible service.

We understand that cross-border business and companies’ international banking services require a strong network and its efficient management. 

Nordea undertakes to meet your company’s banking needs across the Nordic countries regardless of whether you are a new customer that wants to avail of the full support offered by Nordea in banking services or whether you are a new entrepreneur looking for a long-term customer relationship. 

Does the service suit your needs?

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Planning to become operational in Finland, Sweden, Norway or Denmark? Are you planning to expand your business to the Nordic markets? 

The services directed by Nordea’s ISG units to international subsidiaries are well suited to all international or Nordic companies that are looking to expand their operations to another Nordic country and need help in the adoption of the right kinds of international banking services. 

Our International Subsidiary Banking services will suit you if

  • your company is part of a Nordic or an international group
  • your company has operations and business partners in a local market.

How can we help you?

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We at Nordea understand that managing your business outside the borders of your home country may be challenging at times. Managing numerous subsidiaries and accounts may quickly become an insurmountable task. 

That is why our International Subsidiary Group units (ISG) provide both new and existing businesses with support in managing their international banking matters and a channel to the Nordic markets. 

Our Nordic ISG units aim to facilitate the daily banking of our international corporate customers. They provide cross-border services supporting your company in the development of its business outside its home country. 

Contents of our International Subsidiary Banking services

Our ISG units provide the international subsidiaries of Nordea’s corporate customers with unparalleled banking services in the Nordic countries. The solutions will be customised to the special needs of your company’s subsidiaries with the aim to optimise the finances of your company and to increase its business operations. 

We help our customers with the opening of accounts and with other banking services in all of our four home markets. Our customers receive continuous support from our ISG units operating in the various Nordic countries. 

Both the parent companies and the subsidiaries get access to the services easily and can avail of the efficient banking provided, the cross-border services and Nordea’s Nordic network. On top of all this, our experts in the international banking business provide the best advisory services in the sector. Our first-rate foreign exchange and hedging solutions are also available to our customers.


Let Nordea help your business grow across borders. Our International Subsidiary Banking services can pave the way excellently for its growth.

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