Exchange rates

Quoting of exchanges rates

Due to the exceptional market circumstance we are not currently updating EURRUB exchange list rates for payments. ECB has also ceased publishing their daily fixing rate for Russian rouble. We apologise for any inconvenience caused!

We have revised the way exchange rates will be updated as of 12 November. The account exchange rates, ie the list rates, will usually be updated once an hour between 8.00 and 19.00. However, the update frequency may vary. The valuation rates will be published once a day. They are based on market prices and the quotations of the European Central Bank. They are normally published on all Target days by 18.00. The e-statement of the exchange rates includes the list rates and the valuation rates, and will be updated as described above.

The exchange rates are presented in the form: 1 euro is amount x in currency. To get the countervalue of a currency in euros, divide the currency amount by the exchange rate. Correspondingly, to exchange the euro for a currency, multiply the amount in euros by the exchange rate.

Nordea is entitled to limit or close trading in any currency under exceptional circumstances.

Fx rates in electronic format

The address for fx rates in electronic format (dat-file) is: new window 

List rates

Buying and selling rates of account currencyOpens new window

Other rates

Valuation rates are based on European Central Bank quotes and market prices.Opens new window They are published by 18.00 under normal circumstances on all Target days.

Exchange rates are also available for electronic processing and as an Excel file. 

Forward rates are indicative.Opens new window They must always be agreed on with Nordea Markets.

Indicative forward rates are also available for electronic processing.