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Corporate netbank

Netbank offers a wide and diverse selection of banking services for companies of all sizes easily and securely. Through the service, your company gets a comprehensive summary of its liquidity as well as real-time balance and account data.

Flexible means of managing your company's banking regardless of time and place

Nordea offers two alternatives depending on your business' needs:

  • Nordea Business Netbank for corporate customers is a payment solution for one user. It can be used for single payments and for connecting to file transfer. Nordea Business Netbank user can also start using the convenient Corporate Mobile BankOpens new window.

  • Corporate NetbankOpens new window enables processing of both domestic and foreign Nordea accounts and payments. The service suits especially well to companies that have many users. Authorised administrators working in your company may define and edit user authorisations.

Your benefits:

  • You can pay recurring and single payments handily within the Euro zone and outside it.
  • It is easy to keep up to date on the transactions and balances of your accounts.
  • You can download account statements as a printout or a file and append them to your book-keeping.
  • You can send the payment files you have made in financial administration programs to file transfer.
  • You can send and receive e-invoices.

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Netbank features:

File transfer
  • You can download the account statements of all your accounts.
  • You can transfer information to your computer for further processing.
  • You can send Finnish payment files from your company's ledger to the bank.
  • You can get the certificates of your accounts, credits and insurance needed for the financial statements easily and rapidly.


  • You can pay single domestic and cross-border payments from Nordea's accounts in Finland.
  • You can complete easily SEPA credit transfers to the Single European Payments Area.
  • You can create payment templates.
  • You can transfer money between your accounts in Nordea.


  • You can invoice your customers with the service.
  • The invoices are sent as e-invoices or on paper to both Finland and abroad.
  • You can receive e-invoices.


  • You can see real-time balances and transactions in Nordea's accounts in Finland.
  • You can get further information on the balance statement opened in Netbank.


  • You can make investments and submit orders as well as trade in securities.
  • You can monitor the performance of your investments.

Other services

  • You can use an order form to order a balance statement as well as liability and security statements for the financial statements.
  • You can see your company's loan balances and due dates of your loans.*
  • In the Trade Finance Global, you can process collections, documentary credits and guarantees. *

More detailed information on all services in Netbank and their features are available from your contact person in Nordea or from Nordea Business Centre.

* Not available in Corporate Netbank

Service descriptions

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