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File transfer

File transfer is a channel intended for the transmission of incoming and outgoing files between your company and Nordea's payment services.

File transfer is a data transmission channel

Payments are transmitted most efficiently as files through file transfer. Your company can automate the timing of the uploads and downloads directly from your financial administration system. This will enable routine tasks to be managed non-manually.

You contact the file transfer service in Corporate Netbank or with bank connection software, which can be acquired from a software supplier. Nordea’s file transfer services cover all payment services for domestic and cross-border payments and transmission of card payments and electronic invoices as well as a number of other services.

Corporate customers must always conclude an agreement with the bank on the transmission of payment files. 

Service descriptions
File deadlines

File deadlines

Changes to file distribution and deadlines

The address for fx rates in electronic format (dat-file)

The address for fx rates in electronic format (dat-file) is http://www.nordea.fi/wemapp/api/fi/lists/currency/electronicExchangeFI.datOpens new window

FX valuation rates are published later starting 1.7.2016.

The valuation rates will be published later as of July 1 2016. Following the change the valuation rates will be published by 18:00 under normal circumstances. Currently the rates are published approximately at 16:15. The change will impact the publication time of FX rates both on Nordea’s website and the VKEUR file in the File Transfer Service. The publication time is changed due to the European Central Bank’s (ECB) decision to publish its reference rates at around 17:00. You can read the ECB’s press release hereOpens new window

Distribution of interest rate file to be discontinued during Q1/2016

Nordea is currently distributing data on interest rates and exchange rates in the File Transfer Service. During Q1/2016 we will stop distributing the interest rate data file. There will also be changes to the content in the exchange rates data file on 3 March 2016. We will continue to publish valuation rates for exchange rates, but rates for non-convertible currencies will no longer be included in the data. The material types in the File Transfer Service are KORKO and VKEUR respectively. Corresponding changes to the exchange rates will be made also to the nordea.fi website.